Which is better mobile operating software Android or Window and Why?

Today, Android is undoubtedly most popular and most used mobile operating system in world. At present, Android mobile operating system has direct competition with Window’s mobile operating system. So far, Window’s mobile operating system is much behind android in reach and popularity; however, it is increasing its presence with new launches. In next few days, Microsoft is going to launch Window 8 mobile operating system. Microsoft says that Window 8 mobile is much better than Window 7 mobile. In last few years, high end mobile market has grown very fast thus increasing demand for better mobile operating systems. Therefore, Microsoft has also realized need for a good mobile operating system to remain successful in operating system business. Microsoft is clear winner when it comes to computer based operating systems; however, in mobile operating systems Google is clear winners because it entered this market very early and at right time. Apple’s iOS mobile operating software does not looks to have direct competition with others because it is only restricted to Apple’s Iphone only and same is the story with Blackberry operating system. On the other hand, Nokia has already stopped development of its own mobile operating software Symbian. Therefore, there remain only two major players one is Google’s Android and other is Microsoft’s Window based mobile operating software. Now question comes in front of us is that which out of these two operating systems in best.  

Good Points of Android-

1)      It is freely available and time tested mobile operating system.
2)      On android, you have maximum choice of applications available with you.
3)      It is much economical than rest of operating system
4)      Constant development is taking place in Android with launch of new and better versions.
5)      Android works well from low priced mobiles to high priced mobiles.
6)      Large base of users across the world.
7)      Enjoys maximum share in smart phone market with 68% share.
8)      Large base of application developers.
9)      More frequent release of New Android Versions.
10)  Cost of running Android is much less as compared to other operating system.
11)   Very easy to operate

Bad Points of Android-

1)      Too many unwanted apps
2)      Too many choices of versions
3)      Problem of less battery life with some versions
4)      So widely available that fails to give a unique look.

Good Points of Window Mobile 8

1)      Innovative design and new look.
2)      Better multi-tasking, resolution and battery life.
3)      Unique look and appeal
4)      Good base of apps
5)      Software upgrade support
6)      Multi processor support

Bad Points of Window Mobile 8

1)      Very expensive Apps
2)      Cost of running software is high
3)      Not easy for new users
4)      New product and needs to be tested
5)      Available only for higher end mobiles
6)      Lesser base of app developers

By considering all these points, you can yourself decide which software is good for you.

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