About Apple’s Iphone 5 and its unique features/ Specifications, Why should you buy a Iphone 5?

If you are planning to buy an Apple’s just launched Iphone 5 then you are required to have knowledge of its key features and specification. How Iphone 5 is better than its earlier versions? Within few days of its launch Apple succeeded in selling millions of Iphone 5 mobile handsets.

Here are key features and specification of of Iphone 5.

1) It is much thinner and lighter as compared to Iphone 4S. It is 20% lighter and 18% thinner as compared to Iphone 4S. It has depth of 7.6 mm and weight of just 112 g.
2) Bigger display screen. 4 inch retina display.
3) Ultra fast wireless.
4) New A6 chip to offer fast performance and high speed. A6 chip is two times faster as compared to A5 chip.
5) New Isight 8 MP camera with feature like panorama and dynamic low-light mode.
6) Iphone 5 lens are made of sapphire crystal which are as clear as glass however, as strong as diamonds. Thus no worry of scratches.
 7) Latest iOS6 operating system with new updated feature and applications.
8) Much better Aluminum and Glass Body for better look and style.
9) It has new and improved maps.
10) You can capture 1080p HD video recording 8 MP Isight Camera.
11) You can take photos while recording videos.
12) More options for making and answering a call.
13) Talk in HD with face to face over high speed wi-fi or cellular connection.
14) Advance Safari and icloud features for faster web browsing and email handling.

These are some of main feature of new Iphone 5 which makes is better, thinner and faster device as compared to earlier iphones. In my view, main improvements in Iphone 5 are its smart camera and faster performance for which I will give 9 out of 10 points. Iphone 5 camera is really wonderful as compared to earlier Iphones. For changes in display, I will give it 7 out of 10 points. All other changes do not look very significant and some people are reporting numbers of errors and issues with them. My overall rating for Iphone 5 is 8 out of 10.

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