How to open Mobile Sites/ Mobile Web Browsers on Your Computer?

Sometimes, we are required to access mobile sites from web browser; however, to do so we need a mobile web browser. Such web browsers are typically made for mobile devices and often they work on them only. Below, I will show a solution/trick to open mobile web browser on your computer/laptop. You can easily use this option to open all kind of mobile sites. Sometimes, there comes lots of offer which require us to login through a mobile site only or numbers of times, we are required to see how a mobile site looks and works. Now all this become very easy once you follow steps provided below.

To put everything to Work, we first need Mozilla Firefox web browser, if you have it then its good or you can download it for free from Official Mozilla site at

After downloading Mozilla Web Browser

Step 1)  Click Tools ----- then Click Add ons in Tools ------ in Add ons click Get Add ons
Here Search for Add on “USER AGENT SWITCHER” and install it (one minute Process)

After Installing Add on User Agent Switcher

Step 2) Click Tools ----- Click Default User Agent ------ Select iphone 3

After doing So, your web browsers will convert in to iphone 3 standard mobile web browser and you can easily use this mobile web browser to open any mobile website like you open on a mobile.

To Again start using normal web browser

Click Tools ---- Click Default User Agent ----- Select Default User Agent

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