How to get BSNL 3g settings/configurations? Complete detail

If you are using BSNL 3g then you need 3g settings/configurations to use 3g data services like video calling, access internet, send/receive MMS, download videos and live video streaming etc. Below, I will show all methods to get all 3g settings because you can get these setting through numbers of ways. BSNL 3g settings are same as settings for BSNL 2g (GPRS/EDGE); therefore, if you are just upgrading from 2g to 3g then you are not required to change any settings because same settings will work with 3g too.

Option 1) – First and simple method to get BSNL 2g/3g APN setting is simple; just send sms to 58355 with your Mobile brand and model number.
For example Send SMS “nokia 5800” to 58355 Shortly, you will receive all required setting on your mobile and save these settings to start using 3g.

Option 2) – Visit
Login to this site with your BSNL mobile number by adding 91 to it e.g. 919467857788
Select Device Management and Select your Device
Send settings to your mobile through SMS

Option 3) – Add settings manually, it is very simple.

1) To Access internet on mobile handset/PC/Data Card
 Connection name - Bsnl3g
Data bearer – Packet data
Access point (APN) – bsnlnet
User name – none
Prompt password no
Authentication- Normal
Homepage- any or
Use access point Automatically

2) To Send Receive MMS APN - bsnlmms
Proxy Server Address -
Port – 8080
MMS Server Address -

3) To Access BSNL Live
APN – bsnllive
Proxy Server Address -
Port – 8080
Home Page -

4) To Enable Video Streaming
APN – bsnlstream

Buy using all these three options you can get 3g setting easily for your device. If still you need more help then visit this link for more information.


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