What is Cloud Space Storage/memory? How effective it is for Mobiles?

Cloud Space Storage means storing data on cloud. Cloud is a virtual storage platform hosted somewhere else. Generally, a cloud is created by connecting many small clouds (memory storage units). You can buy storage space on cloud space storage by buying it from number of companies offering cloud space storage. The storage space which you buy from cloud space storage companies is also termed as cloud space memory. Upon buying cloud space storage, you get a password to upload and access your data any time. Therefore, your data always remain safe and accessible to you only. A single cloud space is used by many people and companies; however, each individual can only access data linked with his account by using his login credentials.  Many people and companies use cloud space storage to store their data confidentially and in this way, they become free from storing data individually. In last few years, this concept has gained lots of popularity because it is much convenient, safe and economical to store data on cloud space storage.

The new concept is to use cloud space storage for mobile devices. Many mobile companies are offering free cloud space data storage accounts to mobile buyers. One of such mobile in market is Sony Xperia which is offering 50 GB free cloud space storage for life. Now biggest question is how effective is cloud space storage for mobile devices? Before using cloud space storage, we are required to know that we need active internet connection to upload and access data on cloud. Therefore, you need a fast and unlimited data plans to fully use cloud space memory. Under present conditions in India, the speed offered by most of 3g networks in average and data charges are very high. Under such conditions, cloud space storage does not look very effective for mobile devices in India. Though, we can hope that in near future with increase in mobile internet speed and decrease in its prices cloud space storage may become attractive option for mobile users.

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