Which is Best option Internal Memory or External Memory of a device and Why ?

Memory is an important part of any electronic device today because it helps us to store unlimited things. We all know that more the memory of a device more freedom we enjoy in storing favorite items. However, many times we face this dilemma that we should buy a device with internal memory or a device with external (extended memory). For example, if you have option of buying two tablets, one with 64 GB internal memory and other with 64 GB memory card (extended Memory).

Now both devices have same memory and you can buy tablet with 64 GB memory card at much less price of tablet with internal memory of 64 GB. Today, many tablets with 4 GB internal memory and extended memory up to 64 GB are available in market for less than Rs 5000. On the other hand, tablets with internal memory of 64 GB cost more than Rs 15000. Now should you buy an electronic device with internal memory at higher price or why should not buy a device with extended memory at much less price?

I have used both kinds of devices and my verdict goes with devices with internal memory because benefits of such devices are much higher as compared to devices with extended memory. An internal memory of 64 GB compared to extended memory of 64 GB enjoys much a faster speed, more functions, less errors and long life. If, you are planning to use a device for long time then you must keep in mind that a memory card will not last for long and its speed will decrease with time.

Many applications, games and software work only on internal memory and many others work fast on internal memory. So if, you are paying more for device with high internal memory then you are definitely buying a peace of mind and great comfort for long time.

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