Disparity in the Internet speed

Today, internet has become a major part of our life and it is very hard for us to imagine a life without internet. Internet has really opened up number of doors of opportunities for billions of the people across the world. In simple words, we can say that internet provides a single platform to all the people across the world in doing number of things simultaneously. Though, today internet has reached in most parts of the world but still internet speed is a major concern in many parts of the world. There are many parts in the world where getting broadband internet connections is like fulfilling dream.

The major reason behind this disparity in the speed of internet is lack of infrastructure and control of various governments on the internet. However, with the passage of time conditions are becoming favourable for the internet users across the world. In most of the developed nations like United Kingdom broadband is a big reality and there are number of broadband supplier available in market. BT consumer broadband is one of the popular broadband options available among the people.

People can easily get BT broadband connections for as low as £8.95/moth. There are also numbers of other scheme options available for people which people can choose as per their need. These broadband connection offer as high 8 MB download speed whereas in rest of the world it is hard to find even 8 KB download speed. There is still a big gap between the speed of internet in developed and developing nations and for many coming years, there is hardly any hope about decrease in this speed gap.

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