Trend of Tablets below Rs 5000 and Where to Buy them?

Today, we are seeing new trend in India for Tablet below Rs 5000. You can easily buy a Tablet with 1 GHz processor for as low as Rs 2500 only. Most of these Tablets are powered by android operating system and offer many advance features sometimes not offered by big names. Though, biggest issue is that we can not find any big brand in this category and these tablets are mostly available from local or small level companies. 

The two good options in this category are Micromax Funbook and Karbon Smart 2 Tablet. Both these tablets are available in market for Rs 6000 and they offer many good features like HD picture viewing, advance android version, better RAM etc. Other issues which I noted with all these tablets in very small internal memory of 4 GB only and (small) 7 inch screen size. With such a small internal memory, it is very difficult to enjoy these tablets fully. 

Some names of some these economical tablets selling around Rs 3000 are Zync Z-900 Tablet, Sylvania Ultraslim, Fujezone Tablet, Econnect Tablet etc. You can find many other tablets in this range with different names.  These tablets have become popular with children or people who want them for limited use or style. On one side, Tablets from big brands are available for more than Ra 15000 and on one side; these tablets are available for Rs 3000 only. 

At this cost, many people believe that there is no harm in buying such devices because it is really a very economical price. In my opinion, you can buy these devices if you are not planning to do very serious work with them. These tablets are good for children, students and fun time users. If you are looking for advance feature then these devices are not for you and you should buy a branded tablet.

Below I have added a list of online stores from where you can buy Less than Rs 5000 Tablets at Ease and Discount Rate

1) (Click Computer --- then Click Tablets)

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