What is cost of Apple Iphone 5 in India? Where you can buy it?

Apple’s Iphone 5 is the latest buzz in technology world because this phone has got great acceptance around the world. Iphone 5 is much smarter, faster, feature rich and bigger iphone ever from Apple; therefore, large numbers of people like it. Many iphone 5 fans around the world even didn’t sleep for many nights to get iphone 5 first. In India also, we can find great enthusiasm for iphone 5. Good news is that Apple’s Iphone 5 is now available in India and any person can easily buy it.

All three models of Iphone 5 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB are available for sale and you can buy any model. Price of all three models of Iphone 5 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB are respectively Rs 59500, Rs 73599 and Rs 86699 respectively. This is initial introductory price of Apple’s Iphone 5 in India and we can see further decrease in its price in coming days. Though, some of you may say that Iphone 5 prices are very high; however, these prices are justified when we see advance features of Iphone and its popularity then this price looks justified.

Below I am sharing some of links to Buy Genuine Apple’s Iphone 5 online with Bills and full warranty –

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