Difference between http and https

Have you ever noticed while visiting a secure network like bank website that http typed by us mostly automatically got converted in to https? Now why this happens! The answer is very simple because https is more secured as compared to http because it uses an encrypted connection. http stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol which helps us in transferring and receiving information on net and it is widely used across the net. http basically serves as a request and response procedure which makes it possible for us to easy access and share information online. 

However, there is one problem with use of http while sending confidential information that this information will not remain safe and can fall in the hands of wrong people. However, no one using internet will want that his information should fall in the hands of wrong people. Therefore, for solving this problem Netscape corporation developed https which stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocot secured. Basic function of both http and https is same; however, https send all information in encrypted form which is considered more secure. 

There is also difference of default ports for http and https, default port for http is 80 while it is 443 for https. Today, https is widely used for sending secured information like banking data etc. Therefore, next time whenever you see a shift from http to https then consider a good sign and assume that your information is safe.

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