Features of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Below, people can find detailed information about features of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is latest introduction from Nokia in market and it is full of many advance features which mobile users will definitely like. Nokia 5800 can be termed as most advanced option in the hands of people in this category and one of the best introductions from Nokia which can very well compete with other introductions in market like iphone.

1) One touch music player with easy music search and added music up to 35 hours.
2) Enjoy superior sound with Stereo surround sound quality.
3) Comes with 8 GB micro SD card which can be increased up to 16 GB.
4) Access to Music Store where people can download millions of songs.
5) Enjoy ultimate music quality with 3.5G and WLAN mobile technology.
6) Easy synchronisation option between your PC and Nokia 5800.
7) One touch video centre where people can watch wide screen videos, download video, watch online streams and feeds.
8) Nokia 5800 support most of available video formats, therefore, there is hassle of changing video formats. Support all big media players like real player, window media players etc.
9) Great option of online sharing as upload your pictures directly to Ovi, Flickr, Vox etc.
10) Options of separate important friends from other contacts.
11) Access to fast speed internet connection with 3.5 HSDPA and WLAN fast connection.
12) Easy web browsing with Flash 9 support and option of stating screen by 90 degree.

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