Advantage of the .75 ton AC (Air conditioner)

Many parts of the Northern India have already started seeing very hot days. With this step increasing temperature one thing is clear that this year summer will be bit hotter. In this kind of the summer every person thinks for a workable solution like AC. However AC’s are mostly out of reach of many Indian because first they are expensive and second they consume too much power. Due to this reason must of the middle class families in India remain away from the luxuries of the AC.

However in the recent years AC (Air conditioner) market in India has seen a great change. AC prices have greater decline in the recent past and some new kind of the solutions are also available for the people. One of such good AC option for the middle class small family people .75 ton AC from various companies. Leading provider in this range are LG and Voltas costing Rs 11500 and Rs 12000 respectively. LG is even offering four year warranty on the compressor. This AC is suitable for the 8 by 8 feet use.

However this version work fines up to 12 by 12 feet options. The good advantage with this small AC is that it consumes much less energy as compared the conventional ACs. This work with the already available wiring of the house and there is no need for any new wiring installation. Size of this AC is very sleek and can easily fit in any of the small window of your house. In near future, we can hope that this AC will become the AC of the middle class of the India.

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