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Introduction to Main (New) Two Features of Iphone 5S with Details, Videos and HD Pictures

iphone 5s, Iphone 5S is latest talk of techno world because it was unveiled in front of world yesterday. Apple, the maker of Iphone range smart phones, knows it well that they need help of new technology and innovation to make their smart phones even smarter. With iphone 5s, Apple has tried to launch a highly skillful and secure smart phone. In iphone 5s, Apple has mainly worked on two things, first is highest level of security, and second is more capability of taking best pictures.

camera, iphone 5s
New 8 MP Camera with wider censor

This is a smart move by Apple because they know well that smart phones have become good alternative to digital cameras, and large numbers of people now days use their smart phone to capture pictures. Apple has introduced new high performing A7 chip in iphone 5s and 15% larger censor to take more clear and refined pictures per pixel. All pictures taken with iphone 5s 8 MP camera will have more digital information about a picture, and thus will give you a best picture. The new isight technology in iphone 5s also makes it easy for you to take best pictures in low light conditions.

Picture, iphone 5s

Apple also knows it well that security remain one of main concerns of large numbers of mobile users, and they do not want their important data to land in the hands of others. To solve this problem, Apple has introduced advanced finger print sensor technology in iphone 5s, and it is first of its kind so far. Apple has added touch sensors on home touch button so that it can match your finger prints with stored prints whenever you presses the home button with your finger. Apple says that finger print sensor is very sensitive and it notes even minor details. They further say that with regular use, it become easier and easier for you to use iphone 5s in a highly secure way.

Finger Print censor Technology in Iphone 5s

Both of these features are main highlights of iphone 5s, though, we can find many other improvements in this model over iphone 5. Now, we are required to wait for some time to see, how users will take it. Iphone 5s will be available in market across the world in few days, though; this time we do not see same hype for iphone 5s as we have seen for earlier iphones. 

Informative Video with More details of these two features of Iphone 5s-

List of New and Slashed BSNL 3g Prepaid Data Plans (Punjab/All India)

BSNL, 3g data plans, Prepaid, Postpaid, New plans,
New 3g Prepaid and Postpaid Data Plans
Today, I want to share great news with all BSNL 3g prepaid and postpaid users that BSNL has followed other private telecom companies to reduce 3g data plan rates by up to 60%. It was expected to see reduce cuts from BSNL for 3g services, after similar cuts by many private players. From 1 September, 2013, all old 3g data plans for prepaid and postpaid customers have stopped working. Now, you can opt from new and slashed plans to enjoy BSNL 3g data at half the price. The interesting thing about these changes is that BSNL has vanished difference between 2g and 3g data plans. From now, you will only get uniformed 2g and 3g data plans, means same price for 2g and 3g data plan. There are four main 3g data plans for prepaid and postpaid customers launched by BSNL, though, prepaid customer also get four additional data plans for next 90 days only. Overall, it is an appreciable move by BSNL and it will provide much relief to BSNL 3g data users. These plans are available throughout India; however, still you can confirm with BSNL customer care number 1503 for any variation in your state.

 Below, you can find complete list of BSNL 3g prepaid and postpaid Data plans.

 New Prepaid 3g Data plans by BSNL

Recharge Amount            Received Data        Validity (in days)

Rs 14 (till 12-11-13)              100                     3 
Rs 40 (till 12-11-13)              240                     7  
Rs 78 (till 12-11-13)              500                     15
Rs 98 (till 12-11-13)              700                     21

Rs 139                             1 GB                30
Rs 251                             2 GB                30
Rs 561                             5 GB                30
Rs 1011                            10 GB               30       

New Postpaid 3g Data Plans by BSNL

Rs 125                                      1 GB
Rs 225                                      2 GB
Rs 501                                      5 GB
Rs 901                                      10 GB

(Note - Make Recharge of Amount mentioned above and not topup, to get desired data) 

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