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Watch Nokia 808 PureView mobile with 41 MP Camera (Pictures and Video))

I am always a fan of picture quality of pictures taken with the help of Nokia mobile phones. I have thousands of pictures in my collection which I have taken with Nokia handsets like Nokia 6151, Nokia 5800, Nokia X6 etc. I have used many other mobile phones from different manufacturers to capture pictures; however, all of them look failed in front of similar Nokia phones. My one of reasons to buy Nokia handsets is their good picture quality. Now, Nokia has come with new revolutionary mobile phone Nokia 808 PureView which is strengthened with amazing 41 MP camera. If you are reading this line for first time then you may find it a joke; however, it is a big reality. It is a future smart phone from Nokia with advance 3g features. Every person who loves to capture pictures with his mobile camera will like to buy it. Soon, this phone will become part of our life. Below watch pictures and video of Nokia 808 PureView.
Nokia 808, picture
Nokia 808, picture
Nokia 808, picture
Nokia 808, picture
Nokia 808, picture

Review Karbonn A1 (Affordable 3g and Android Phone) and Pictures/Video

Today, 3g network has become a big reality in India and we can enjoy fast internet through mobile in all major cities of India. To access and enjoy this fast 3g network, we need a 3g enabled phone. In market, we can find many options of 3g enabled phones on which we can use 3g network.

However, biggest worry is high price of most of these 3g capable phones. Mostly, we are required to pay Rs 8000 to Rs 35000 to buy a good 3g phone. In general more the price of a mobile phone more the 3g features offered by them.

Now, a great solution is available in front of people in the form of Karbonn A1 android operated 3g phone. This phone has most of 3g features which we need from a 3g enabled mobile. The amazing thing about Karbonn A1 is its economical price. We can easily buy this phone in market by paying Rs 4100 to Rs 4500 depends on bargain.

Karbonn, mobile, A1
Karbonn A1 runs on Android 2.2 Froyo operating system, which is one of the most popular versions of Android operating system worldwide. Karbonn A1 is fitted with 3.2 mega pixel back camera; though, we miss a front camera in it (which is justified at this price). It has 32 GB expendable memory and comes with wifi, 600 MHz processor and G-sensor support.

Karbonn, mobile, A1

At present, it is only smart phone available from Karbonn. Official MRP of Karbonn A1 is Rs 7990. Karbonn has good network of service stations throughout India which makes this deal further very attractive. I am using this phone from last six months and I finding it a great tool. My rating for Karbonn A1 is 9 out of 10.

My Review BSNL 3g Punjab Network

Presently, I am using BSNL 3g services available in Punjab circle. Though, 3g services are available from BSNL for quite long; however, I got chance to use it recently. I used 5 GB data plan of 3g from BSNL which was available for Rs 750 at promotional rate. 

I surfed net with this network by connecting it to my PC. I did various uploads and downloads with BSNL 3g. Finally, I came at conclusion that BSNL 3g is good option for trying a 3g network; however, many times and many places I found BSNL 3g network missing. At place where I use BSNL 3g network mostly signals of BSNL 3g do not remain constant and many times 3g network disappears totally and become 2g. 

BSNL needs to increase strength of 3g signals through out the Punjab so that this service can become more reliable. I also use Tata docomo 3g network besides BSNL 3g network and I can say that Tata docomo is atleast 1.5 times more reliable and fast than BSNL 3g. 

Many data and call plans are available on BSNL 3g and people can select a plan as per their requirement. BSNL also offer many schemes time to time where we can buy such packs at much affordable price.  My rating for BSNL 3g Punjab network is 6 out of 10. 

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Monday, March 19, 2012

How to convert BSNL ordinary 2g SIM in to a 3G SIM?

Are you present customer of BSNL 2G ordinary SIM and want to use high speed 3g connection of BSNL cellone then you can do it in few seconds with a single recharge. Today, 3g has become an integral part of our life and we can easily enjoy high speed data transfer plus video calling on 3g network. A fast 3g network opens up many options in front of people to enjoy a wide range of services.

For all exiting 2g prepaid customers of BSNL cellone it can be done with single recharge of 5 rupees. Just make a recharge/topup of 5 rupees and with in seconds your 2g SIM will get converted in to a high speed 3g SIM and you will be able to access high speed 3g data transfer on your existing SIM.

This service is active in most circle of BSNL, though, you can call BSNL customer care no 1503 to confirm availability of this service in your circle.

This option is great solution of all BSNL cellone prepaid customers who do not want to buy a new 3g SIM.

You will be required to buy additional data plans as per the prevailing schemes for additional use of 3g.

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