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Finally, there is someone who is boldly challenging Google’s supremacy on internet and it is not any new face for Google. It is Anna Patterson who took part in creating Google search engine index. Now Anna with the help of her husband Tom Costello, who is also a search engine expert, has decided to challenge Google search engine with her newly created search engine Cuil search engine.

This search engine is promoted by Anna as Google killer and we can hope that it will succeed in doing so; however, we need to understand this fact that Google is very big for at present.

Many claims are being made about cuil search engine like it has 3 times more pages indexed in it than indexed by Google; however, it is difficult to check reality because Google do not disclose its data. Presently, Google is a big leader when it comes to search engine market holding more than 75% market worldwide.

In past also many search engines tried to compete with Google, however, most of them failed in front of Google’s popularity. Though, provides a slight new presentation when it comes to search results but it is not clear that how people will like it. Moreover, it will be more interesting to see that people who know Google can beat it or not.

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