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What is cost of Apple Iphone 5 in India? Where you can buy it?

Apple’s Iphone 5 is the latest buzz in technology world because this phone has got great acceptance around the world. Iphone 5 is much smarter, faster, feature rich and bigger iphone ever from Apple; therefore, large numbers of people like it. Many iphone 5 fans around the world even didn’t sleep for many nights to get iphone 5 first. In India also, we can find great enthusiasm for iphone 5. Good news is that Apple’s Iphone 5 is now available in India and any person can easily buy it.

All three models of Iphone 5 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB are available for sale and you can buy any model. Price of all three models of Iphone 5 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB are respectively Rs 59500, Rs 73599 and Rs 86699 respectively. This is initial introductory price of Apple’s Iphone 5 in India and we can see further decrease in its price in coming days. Though, some of you may say that Iphone 5 prices are very high; however, these prices are justified when we see advance features of Iphone and its popularity then this price looks justified.

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Watch HD Pictures of New Launched Iphone 5

Presently, everyone is talking about iphone 5 because within few days of its launch it has become a big hit by breaking all previous records. To frankly say, Iphone 5 has become a revolution of its kind. It looks that iphone fever is only increasing with time. Iphone 5 boast to have larger display with faster chip, ultra fast wireless technology and 8 MP HD iSight camera. Iphone 5 has thinner and lighter design to make its more convenient as compare to earlier versions of iphone. Iphone 5 is still not launched in India, I will provide more details on iphone in next posts. Below, you can watch some of HD pics of iphone 5.

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My Expericne (Review) Nikon D5100 (A Good DSLR Camera to Start With)

Launched last year in India, Nikon D5100 has become a popular DSLR camera in India and around the world. I bought it last year and I am still using it for most of my photography ventures. I am not a professional photographer; however, thanks to Nikon D 5100 I succeeded in capturing some wonderful photographs. You can watch some of my pics captured with Nikon D5100 at

Before buying it, I had many doubts because earlier I never used a DSLR camera. Therefore, I was not confident that I will be able to use it well or not. Then I made some research and finally decided to buy Nikon D5100. The wonderful thing is that you get complete details to operate this camera in form a printed book and a digital copy. By going through this booklet, any person can easily learn to operate Nikon D5100 and capture wonderful pics. Moreover, you can get lots of useful detail and information on this camera by visiting Nikon official site.

Nikon D5100, Nikon, D5100, Digital Camera, Camera

Nikon D 5100 comes with high-resolution Nikon DX-format CMOS image sensor with an effective pixel count of 16.2-million pixels which helps in capturing great high quality pictures with ease. You also find new High Dynamic Range (HDR) function in Nikon D5100. The other important feature of this camera is innovative vari-angle monitor which opens from 0 to 180° to the side, and can be rotated up to 90° clockwise and up to 180° counter-clockwise so that you can capture picture in any direction without compromising on image quality. For example, it is very easy to capture self images with Vari-monitor because you can see output in monitor.

Nikon D5100, Nikon, D5100, 360 degree, moving, screen

Nikon D 5100 not only helps in capturing great pics but it also helps in capturing Full-HD movies in 1920 x 1080p, 30p. Some of unique and special features of Nikon D 5100 are Selective color, Color sketch, Miniature effect, Night vision etc. Nikon D5100 is equipped with most of latest and advance features to make your photography experience as good as it can be. You can attach many accessories with Nikon D5100 to enhance your photography experiences.

Nikon D5100, Nikon, D5100, upside View

To know detail of accessories which can be used with Nikon D 5100, you can visit official Nikon site (Click Here). I will also like to recommend this product to all because I found it very useful. Nikon D5100 can be great option for new photographer who wants to start with SLR photography. Presently, Nikon D5100 is available between Rs 32000 to Rs 34000 with numbers of free gifts in India. My Rating for Nikon D5100 DSLR camera is 9 out of 10.

Nikon D5100 Promo Video -

Download Nikon D5100 Brochure in Pdf

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