Power of Mobile phone radiations (Watch)

In recent times debate on the harmful effects of mobile phones is very high. Many universities and scientists across the world are studying the harmful effects of mobile phones. However, we are still not able to get concrete studies on this matter. There are few studies which say that mobile phones are very harmful for us while there are many other studies which say that mobile phones do not do any harmful effect to human.

Therefore, people around the world are confused about using handsets or not. Even many people believe that mobile companies are presenting false studies in front of people or bribing scientists for giving wrong studies because their sales are dependent on these reports. Though, we do not have any solid study which can tell that mobile phones are harmful for us or not, however, below people can find very interesting video which is showing the harmful effect of mobile radiation and how strong they can be?

Video maker is showing us to make pop corns with strong mobile phone radiations, just joking, he is actually telling about the power of mobile radiations and how harmful they can be? Therefore, next time while using mobile phone does think about this video.

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