What is the difference between VoLTE and LTE 4g?

Recently, I noticed a difference in many 4g enabled phones. Some phones are VoLTE enabled while others are simple LTE 4g. Therefore, I decided to check the difference between the two. After some research, I found that Vo stands for voice in VoLTE. LTE stands for Long-term evolution and it was designed for high speed data; but, not for the voice calls. Therefore to address this issue VoLTE is launched which is improved version of LTE and it is capable of making or receiving voice calls.

Today, most of 4g phones come with VoLTE technology, thus making it possible to use both fast data and make calls on LTE networks. This technology enhances the voice quality and makes it possible to make HD quality voice calls. Today, all major telecom companies are shifting to LTE network and some of them have either rolled out 4g services while others are in the process.

Even if you have a phone which is only LTE enabled but not VoLTE enabled than Reliance Jio has launched an app for making calls over 4g network. Mobile internet technology is constantly evolving, therefore, we see improved in its speed and capabilities.

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