Review-Palm Tero 750 Smartphone

India is fast becoming a hot destination for all the latest products in the world and Palm Tero 750 is also new addition in it. This super advanced phone has number of latest and advanced features in it which really suits the increasing Indian executive class. This phone from Palm Inc. is costing around $ 649 in US and Rs 26990 in India. Presently, this phone will be available on the Airtel network in India. The main advantage of this phone is option to access and edit important office data with the help of window mobile like People can easily create or edit Word and Excel Mobile files. Moreover people also have the option of rehearsing PowerPoint presentations and getting PDF files. People can easily send and receive e-mails on the move with the help of this phone. With the help of build in internet explorer, it is easy for the people to browse various websites. This mobile phone also include inbuilt Bluetooth device, infrared, 1.3 mega pixel camera and advance multimedia features. Today for large number of Indians buying this phone will not be a big deal; however the main question will remain the same that how many people India really need such high end devices. The disadvantage of these sets is that people soon find these phones very less effective in daily use. This mobile could be a good option for the people who remain on the constant travel and need to access e-mails and data on the regular interval. Therefore, there are less hopes of selling this mobile phone as a utility item but this phone can emerge as first choice as a sign of status symbol.

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