Journey of Mobile Phones

Today, mobile phones have become an integral part of our life and it is very difficult for us to imagine a life without them. Mobile phones have offered a great connectivity option in front of us and therefore, we can now easily remain in the contact of our near and dear ones. However, mobile phones also have their own journey from the time of their launch. Initial mobile handsets were very heavy and odd looking ones whereas today we can easily find many sleek and attractive mobile models in the market. Moreover, mobile companies are updated their mobile sets with n number of features, therefore, people can do many jobs easily with the help of their mobile phones which feature was not available with people using mobile phones in the 80's. Still, in future, we can hope for much new advancement in mobile technology like we have seen in last 20 years. Below, you can enjoy the interesting video of the journey of mobile handsets. With this video, people can realize how mobile handsets have changed with time.

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