Trend for smart phones

Today, we live in world where everyone wants to look and one of great options available in front of people to look smart is buying a smart phone. Therefore, we can easily find great trend for smart phones in present world where everyone wants to buy a smart phone. Markets are also full of many smart phones from almost all big brands in mobile manufacturing. Some of popular smart phones include Nokia N8,htc desire 2.2, Apple 4 etc. Google’s mobile operating system Android is very popular and most of smart mobile phones work on it.

Smart phones are present revolution in mobile world and it is very hard to imagine a life without them in coming future. Smart phones and 3G mobile services are making it possible for us to make video calls, surf internet or watch movies on our smart phones. Smart phones still cost lots of money; therefore, they are not in the range of many people. However, in coming months we can see significant decrease in their prices. Already, some company are offering smart phones in the range of Rs 6000 to Rs Rs 8000 and soon, we can hope for the introduction of many such economical smart phones.

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