Review Samsung Corby Colours (Touchscreen)

Samsung Corby has become a popular mobile handset in India and large numbers of people are using this handset because of its stylish looks, user friendly design and attractive price. Samsung Corby Colours touch screen phone is available for just Rs 6500 in India. This handset has become very popular among women and girls because it provides a great option to choose colours of phone background. This phone offers many good features like one figure zoom, smart unlock, online widgets, POP up Social networking sites status updates, upload pictures from mobile, 2 MP camera, stylish music player etc.

People can also upload more widgets and application from various open sources to make their Samsung Corby handset more useful. Main attraction of Samsung Corby handset is it stylish look and solid touch screen features which makes it a good product. This phone is highly suitable for younger generation who cannot afford very expensive handsets but they want full style.

Samsung Corby is very easy to operate and it support external memory up to 8 GB. In this price, it is very hard to ask for something else; though, people may face some problems while uploading external widgets and application as some applications do not work properly on Samsung Corby. Overall, I will like to give 8 out of 10 marks to Samsung Corby for offering so many features at this affordable price.

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