Youth and Internet Addiction

Today Internet is a big revolution present in front of us which has completely changed the lives of billions of people around us. However, our younger generation looks to be more near to internet, as large numbers of young people across the world are finding internet a great way to get freedom from their boring life. And they are also right because no earlier generations on the earth have such freedom of expression and ability to interact with large number of people irrespective of their nationalities.

Today people have great option like blogs, online forums and community sites to raise their voices and they can also interact with people directly with the help of emails, chats, voice talks or video conferencing. This is really a great freedom in the hand of people of present world which was never been available to any previous generation of the world so far. However, this freedom is also becoming another threat to large number of innocent people and especially teens and children because many of these people are becoming addicted to the net.

This addiction is creating number of mental and physical problems for them and numbers of these youth are finding it difficult to relate positively with the real life. We can easily find large number of youth who constantly remain occupied with the computers for chatting online, making new friends or search for real life relations online and some of them even spend 12-16 hours daily on net. The end result of these kinds of addictions soon result in to various kind of the mental disorders in the Youth and finally creates a difficulty in living real life for them.

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