Why my VGA Monitor didn't work with Apple Mac Mini with HDMI and Thunbderbolt?

VGA cable, Mac mini to Vga
Recently, I bought a Mac mini to work on the Apple development platform. Apple's Mac mini is a small desktop computer which you need to join with an external monitor to get display. I do have an old LED monitor with only VGA input. I Mac Mini which I bought has only HDMI and thunderbolt ports to attach to external monitors.

With Mac mini box, I also got HDMI to DVI adapter/convertor to attach with Monitors which can support DVI input. As my monitor didn't DVI input option so I decided to buy an HDMI to VGA cable cum adapter so that my existing monitor can work with a Mac Mini. I ordered one of such adaptor cum cable from ebay India.

After receiving the Cable I attached Mac mini to monitor through HDMI to VGA cable adaptor, but to my surprise, the screen was black. My monitor didn't detect any signals. First, I thought, the fault is in the cable adaptor cum convertor; however, it worked well when I joined hdmi port of my windows laptop to monitor through it.

Mac mini, mac mini to vga,
Mac Mini

This whole situation made me very frustrated because I was not able to find a solution. Then I thought that HDMI port of my MAC MINI may not be working, but when i joined it to my LED TV through the HDMI port of mini to HDMI port of TV through an HDMI cable then it worked very fine.

So where was the problem,  then I came across an Apple website that new Mac mini after 2013 don't support HDMI to VGA conversions despite using an adaptor cum convertor wire and to use VGA monitor, I need thunderbolt to VGA adaptor.

Instead of trying new convertor, I decided to sell my old VGA monitor and buy a new monitor which support both DVI and HDMI options. I bought Benq GW2255 monitor with VGA, DVI and HDMI input options. Now I use an HDMI cable to attach Benq monitor to my Mac mini which works very fine. 

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