Why should we go far a laptop?

My advice for most of the people thinking about buying a computer soon is to go for a laptop because today there are number of reasons available in front of us which support this conclusion. Below are few of the reason which can definitely help you in taking a right decision.
1) Present laptops are as powerful as the available desktops.
2) Price difference has drastically decreased in the recent times, making laptops affordable.
3) Laptops offer a very sleek solution in front of us and it is also very easy to carry them to any part of the world.
4) Desktops cover lot of space and require a computer table for them.
5) Sometimes it is hard to find the fault in the bundles of open joints in the desktops.
6) It is very easy for us to comfortably change the position and location of laptops over the desktops.
7) Laptops can also work for hours even in the absence of electricity.
8) Laptops provide a sense of freedom and mobility over the desktops.
9) Laptops consume less electricity over the desktop computers.

All these factors can help us understanding the advantage of desktops over laptops.

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