Iphone to enter India

Finally, Indians wait for Apple’s iphone will be over by the end of this year because two leading Indian telecom companies Vodafone and Airtel are in talks with Apple for launching iphone in India. There are good hopes that iphone will finally enter Indian market within this year. Large numbers of people in India are already waiting for the launch of this phone here and therefore, there are good chances that this phone will become hit in India too.

On last Friday, Apple also launched iphone 3G in US, which it says as twice fast and half priced as compared to earlier version of iphone. Large number of people in US waited outside the stores of AT&T for getting new version of iphone 3G. Most of the people who have bought new version of iphone 3G have liked it very much and are finding it more useful and exciting. Though, it is not clear so far that new version of iphone will be launched in India or not. Still, we can enjoy entry of iphone in India much earlier than many other nations.

Entry of iphone in India will also provide tuff competition to major cell phone brands in India like Nokia because iphone offer many attractive features which other mobile brands fail in providing at this price. Therefore, big Indian cell phone brands are also preparing themselves for this competition. Hopefully, iphone will be a good experience for people and change concept of mobile phones in India.

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