Avoid Buying Locked Phones

There are still large numbers of people in India who still prefer to buy electronic products from aboard. Few years back, this trend was very prominent in India when people like to buy most of their electronic items like watches, VCR, TVs etc from foreign markets. At that time, quality of Indian electronic products is not up to the mark of foreign electronic brands.

Today, situation is very different and we can easily find every big international brand in India also. Recently, one of my friends got a chance to buy a mobile phone manufactured in US at a very attractive price. However, he is not able to this phone so far because he bought a locked phone and not unlocked phone, which is usually sold in India. Locked phone are those phones which are locked for being used in specific area or for specific operator only.

Different mobile operator give their customers locked phones for avoiding misuse of their phones by the customers. Therefore, it is very important for any person to buy only unlocked phones when buying a mobile manufactured abroad. Second, people are also required to depend more on Indian market then trusting products of foreign markets.

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