This is one website which all webmasters and general Indians will appreciate every much because this website now makes it possible to know about the latest key word trends in Google Search engine related to India. In simple words, we can say that now any person can see the key words which are topping on the Google. People have two option of knowing about the trends; first they can watch the top key words of any present date or previous days, second they can look for trends related to any particular key word. With the help of people can even know about the searchers nation, city and language etc.

Therefore, now for the first time people have some real data available in front of them about what India is searching online. This is also good news for the webmasters because now it will be possible for them to target particular key words and derive more visitors to their websites, however still there is no data available about the future trends and mostly 80% of the trends change on the daily basis. Despite some drawbacks, this is a good gift from Google to India people to know about the latest and previous online search trends.

As per the estimation, Google cater around 70% search queries from India, therefore people can easily interpret Google’s data as Indian trends. Google has used certain approximations for making these results; therefore there remains certain possibility of error. These search trends are updated on the daily basis for provided updated results. Overall, this is a new attractive feature made available by Google for Indian online users.

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