Watch Nokia 6220 Classic

Below, people can watch Unboxing of Nokia’s latest smart phone 6220 Classic. Major features of this mobile phone includes S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 user interface, 5 Mega Pixel Camera with Xenon Flash, sharing features, mp3 ,radio, GPS etc. This phone is priced around 19000 rupees in India.

Learn about Nokia E71

It looks that Nokia is ready for any kind of competition and therefore, we see introductions like E71 from Nokia. Nokia E71 looks very different from earlier introduced mobile phones by Nokia. We can even say E71 is answer by Nokia for competition from players of Black Berry. Main features of Nokia E71 includes email, intelligent input, connectivity, navigation, large keypad etc. Main people believe that Nokia E71 is late introduction from the side of Nokia, despite this there are lot of people which like this mobile phone. People who want to learn more about Nokia E71 can get the help of video available below.

Part 1 video-

Part 2 video-

Learn about Nokia N 96

Below, people can watch preview of Nokia’s recently mobile phone N 96. With the help of this video people can easily learn more about Nokia N 96. Nokia mobile phones have always remain very popular in India, therefore, we can hope that people will also like this new introduction of Nokia. Some of the important features of this mobile include 16GB of internal memory, a 5 megapixel camera, integrated GPS and a DVB-H receiver (Mobile TV). Nokia N 96 can easily give fight to recently introduced Apple’s iphone 3G in India. With the help of this video, people can easily learn more about Nokia N 96.

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