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Review Sony Xperia Z- Sharpest Smart Phone (Pictures/Video)

Sony Xperia Z, Xperia Z, Review, Sony
Sony Xperia Z is becoming quite popular among smart phone lovers across the world because of its cool features and tough design. At present, if there is any phone after Samsung Galaxy S4 which can give direct fight to Iphone 5 then it is Sony Xperia Z. In many features, Xperia Z outperforms both Samsung Galaxy S4 and iphone 5. Many people believe that Xperia Z is best available smartphone today. Some of unique features of Xperia Z are water resistance, tough body, HDR videos, 13.1 MP camera.

 Sony Xperia Z is available in India for a price of Rs 37500; though, you can search for more discounted prices online. Xperia Z is one of futuristic smartphones with all features of future phones. If you have a budget of Rs 35000 or above and you are planning to buy a smart phone then Xperia Z can be a great option for you.

Xperia Z, Water Resistant, Sony
Why Sony Xperia Z is a good smart phone for You? Check all main features of Xperia Z below-

1)	It has sharpest 5 inch display
2)	First time option to capture HDR videos in a smartphone
3)	13 MP fast-capture camera (which works in all light conditions) and 2 MP front camera
4)	Upto 30 minutes of Water Resistance
5)	It is made of glass fibre polyamide which is as strong as a metal
6)	Durable tempered glass on front 
7)	Dust Resistant design
8)	Intelligent battery management which gives long battery life
9)	Latest Android 4.1 operating system
10)	It is powered with 1.5 GHz Quad-Core processor and has 2 GB RAM which gives great performance 
11)	It comes with 1920 x 1080 pixels and a density of approximately 441 pixels per inch. 
12)	Wi-Fi Direct enabled, this feature lets users connect the phone to compatible devices directly without the need of a router.
13)	16GB of built-in storage which you can expand up to 32 GB

My Review – With all these features, Sony Xperia Z outperforms many other rivals in market. Its price is also competitive as compared to other smartphones in same range. However, it does not provide 64 GB memory as provided by iphone. Moreover, iphone 5 is thinner and lighter as compared to Xperia 5. If we overlook these shortcomings then Xpera Z Is a good option available in smart phones of today.

 My Rating for Xperia Z is 8 out of 10.

Videos of Sony Xperia Z-

Review Karbon A21 – An affordable smart phone (Pictures/Video)

Karbon A21, Image, Picture, Karbon, A21, Review,
Karbon has come up with new and affordable smart phone in the form of karbon A21. This 4.5 inch touch screen phone works on Android 4.0 operating system. Karbon A 21’s official price is 8500; however, you can buy it in India from Rs 7500 to Rs 8000. The main unique part of Karbon A 21 is 1.2 GHz processor which makes it incredibility fast. In this mobile, you can get 3G capabilities and dual SIM operation. A21 has internal 4 GB memory which can be increased to 32 GB. It has all important connectivity features like Wi-Fi, 3G, EDGE and GPRS. Karbon A21 is available in two color options of Pearl White and Pearl Black. A21 has rear 5 MP camera and front 1.2 MP camera. Rear camera comes with auto focus and LED flash.
Important Features of Karbon A21

1) 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Scorpion Dual Core Processor
2) Android 4.0 Operating System 
3) Battery 1800 mAh with talk time of 5 hour and standby time of 200 hours
4) Screen Size 4.5 inch (11.4 cm)
5) Resolution of 540*960 pixels
6) Internal Memory of 4 GB and Expandable memory up to 32 GB
7) Bluetooth, Wifi and USB
8) Rear 5 MP camera and 1.2 MP Front camera
Karbon A21, Back, Review, Karbon, A 21
My Review – At a price of Rs 7500-8000, Karbon A 21 is very economical option in buying an average smart phone. Though, it is not most advanced phone available in market; however, at this price they are offering plenty of good features like latest android OS and 1.2 GHz processor.
Karbon, A 21, Side view, Review
Karbon has good network of service centers across India. Cost of service and parts is much less as compared to other mobile brands; therefore, If we calculate all this then Karbon A21 is an attractive offer.
My Rating – 8 out of 10 for Karbon A 21
Video Review Karbon A21

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Smart Way to charge your Mobiles, Tablets and MP3s at any place and at any time with Solar Mobile Charger (Advantage)

solar charger, USB, Solar, charger
At many places in India, electricity supply is very poor and sometimes, people face hours of long cuts. In summers, this situation becomes even worse with increase in demand of electricity as compared to less production of electricity. Therefore under such situation, many people find it very hard to charge their essential electronic gadgets like mobiles, tablets and Mp3s.

Mobile phones have deeply penetrated in India thanks to mobile revolution which took place few years back. Here even in remote villages, we can see people using mobile phones. Mobiles have emerged as main source of communication for all Indians living across India.

We all know that mobiles are required to be charged regularly with electricity so that they can work properly. At least, you need a single full charging daily of your mobile to use it for whole day. All mobiles need electricity to get charged and if there is no electricity then it is very hard to charge a mobile. Long cuts of electricity can make this problem even worst.

Solar, Mobile, Charger, Multi Pin, solar charger
Now an environment friendly solution for mobile, tablet and other electronic gadgets is available in the form of solar chargers. In market or online anyone can find many such solar chargers for mobiles and similar devices in range of Rs 800 to 3000.

Solar charger is solution to all worries of mobile charging at any place and at any time. Most of these solar chargers come with inbuilt storage battery which gets charged when you place solar charger under sun. After solar charger’s battery gets fully charged you can use it to charge multiple mobiles, tablets or mp3s at any time.

Solar chargers offer a great and green solution to electricity problem faced by billions of people across the world. Solar chargers are very important for people who constantly move to remote parts where there is no certainty of electricity. Solar chargers can act as self charging power banks which only need direct sun light to charge them.

Solar charger, Mobiles, Tablets, Solar, electricity, charger, iphone
In India where grid electricity can betray you anytime, solar charger is must for every person. Whatever be the condition of electricity, you will always generate your electricity yourself for your mobile devices.

All devices based on solar power generation are need of time because they help in creating a green and affordable energy with ease.

Online Sites to Buy Solar Mobile Chargers

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Review Lemon P7, Lemon P101 and Lemon P100 three Dual Sim Android Phones by Lemon below Rs 10000

In last two three years, Lemon has introduced it as cheap mobile phone producer in India and got good acceptance in this category. Hundreds of mobile phones from Lemon are available in Indian market. Recently, they have launched three new mobile phones in Indian market Lemon P7, Lemon P101 and Lemon P100. These mobile phones are packed with advance features and they run on android based operating system. The good news for all mobile lovers is that they all are priced below Rs 10000. You can buy Lemon P7 for Rs 4,469, Lemon 101 for Rs 8,799 and Lemon 100 for Rs 9999 only (discounted price).

Lemon P7, Price, Discounted Price, Buy, P7, Lemon
About Lemon P7- It is an economical android 2.3 (Ginger Bread) operating system mobile phone. Its official price is Rs 5199; though you can buy it at discount price of Rs 4469. Lemon P7 is a dual SIM 3.5 Inch TFT touch screen mobile with 640 X 960 resolutions. The main good point about this mobile is 1Ghz processor which makes it a fast mobile handset to operate. It comes with 3D G –Sensor and Proxmity Sensor. It comes with both Rear 3.2 MP camera and front VGA camera. You expand memory of Lemon P7 upto32 GB. There are plenty of many features offered by Lemon P7. To know about all these features and to buy Lemon P7 Visit Here.

Lemon P101, P101, Lemon, Buy, Price, India, Discounted
 About Lemon P101- Lemon P101 is a smart phone from Lemon which is much economical from other mobiles with same features. The official price of this mobile is Rs 9499; though, you can buy it at discounted price of Rs 8,799. The operating system in this mobile is Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and it is powered by 1Ghz processor. It is a dual SIM 4.3 inch touch screen mobile with 480 X 800 WGA resolution. It has Rear camera of 8 MP and front VGA camera. To know about all other features of Lemon P101 and to buy it at discounted price Visit Here

Leomn, P100, Buy, India, discounted, Price
About Lemon P100- Lemon P100 is latest and powerful smart phone by Lemon and it runs on Android 4.0 (ICS) which you can upgrade to Jelly bean (4.1.1). The official price of this smart phone is Rs 10999; though, you can buy it at a discounted price of Rs 8799. This is a dual SIM mobile with 5 inch Capacitive Touch Panel which is highest in category. It has 8 MP rear and VGA front camera. It comes with dual core 1GHz processor. The major difference between Lemon P101 and Lemon 100 is in size and option to upgrade Android operating system. To know more about features of Lemon 100 and to buy it at discounted price Visit Here.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Price in India and Where to get Best Deal online? (Available in India) Best Offers/Deals and Coupons for Galaxy S4

Samsung, Galaxy S4, Price, India
Available for Online Sale from 26th April, 2013 Check Bottom for details and offers

Samsung Galaxy S4 is getting launched around the world with lots of hype and from today 26th April, 2013, it is available for sale online in India (To Buy Check Options Below). Samsung is planning to outsell this model over its previous models like Galaxy S3. Galaxy S4 is truly a new revolution when it comes to super mobiles with many new additions for first time in mobile history. With its Galaxy mobile series, Samsung has emerged big player in high-tech mobile segment. Samsung Galaxy series mobiles are big success around the world and therefore, we can expect big success for Samsung Galaxy S4. 

Samsung Galaxy, S4, Where to Buy, IndiaSamsung Galaxy S4 is slowly getting launched around the world and it will be officially launched in India soon (though, you can buy official Samsung Galaxy S4 online below). We can expect it’s availability in India by early next month. As pricing is crucial matter for the success of any device. Price of Samsnug Galaxy S4 in India will be Rs 41500. So far it is not available in India and though, every store is geared up to receive its stock. Many sites like offered advance booking for Samsung Galaxy S4 which got filled in a single day only. All this shows great popularity and expected demand for Samsung Galaxy S4 in India. 

 As stocks of Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available in India then many sites will offer new discounts and offers. Here I will update with you these offers and discounts. 

 Main sites in India where you can buy Samsung Galaxy S4 

1) (Available for Rs 41499) (Offer 1-Sony Camera worth Rs. 4990/- free to first 20 customers by Offer 2- Available @ Rs. 3631 in 12 EMIs | Also Available @ Rs. 6917 in 6 Interest-free EMIs)
2) (Available for Rs 41500) (Offer- Interest Free EMI for 3,6,9 months and special offer on 12 months EMI)
Free Thailand Vacation, Samsung Galaxy S4, Buy, Best Deal
Buy Samsing Galaxy S4 and Win Free Trip to Thialand ( Offer) Click this link for more details

4) (Coming Soon)

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New Revolutionary Mobile is Here in the form of Samsung Galaxy S4 (Review and First Look) Video and Pictures (HD)

Samsung, Galaxy, S4, Samsung Galaxy S4, Front
Samsung S4 is Available in India for Rs 41500 To Buy it visit Samsung Galaxy S4 Price in India and Where to get Best Deal online?

Samsung Galaxy S4 is really going to revolutionize mobile market across the world because this advanced smart mobile from Samsung is packed with many new and exciting features. Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched in New York on 14th March this year. Samsung Galaxy S4 is all set to start new trend in mobiles by offering many things for first time like option to capture picture with dual camera simultaneously, pictures with sound, health monitoring, voice commands etc.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is truly a robust mobile in its segment and there is no other mobile so far which can compete with it totally. Samsung Galaxy S4 is likely to be available for sale in the month of May. Many stores and sites have started booking for Samsung Galaxy S4. 10 millions S4 phones are expected to reach all leading retail chains across the world in few days.

Samsung, Galaxy S4, Back
Main Features of Samsung Galaxy S4 

1) Wider 5” FULL HD Super AMOLED screen
2) Slimmer Body Just 7.9 mm thick
3) Beautiful Colors and High Resultion of 441 ppi
4) Will be available two color schemes White Forst/Black Mist
5) Group Play and Group Music
 6) Give Life to photos by adding Sound
7) Use both cameras during Video call/chat
8) Use both cameras simultaneously to take pictures
9) Front Camera 2 MP Rear Camera 13 MP
10) Will work on 3G and 4G network
11) Voice recognition for important tasks
12) Powerful 1.9GHz quad core/1.6GHz octa core processor
13) Comes in three memory options of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB
14) It has latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system
15) It can monitor health and fitness

Samsung Galaxy S4 can perform many other tasks when you contact it with available attachments.

 With all these features, Samsung Galaxy S4 is likely to create big demand in market and it is likely to out sell previous version Samsung Galaxy S3.

 Samsung Galaxy S4 is likely to be priced Rs 43350 in India for 16 GB model; though, final price will be available shortly.

 To Pre order (Book) Samsung Galaxy S4 in India Click Here

Watch Samsung Galaxy S 4 Video-

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