Sunday, October 14, 2012

Trend of Tablets below Rs 5000 and Where to Buy them?

Today, we are seeing new trend in India for Tablet below Rs 5000. You can easily buy a Tablet with 1 GHz processor for as low as Rs 2500 only. Most of these Tablets are powered by android operating system and offer many advance features sometimes not offered by big names. Though, biggest issue is that we can not find any big brand in this category and these tablets are mostly available from local or small level companies. 

The two good options in this category are Micromax Funbook and Karbon Smart 2 Tablet. Both these tablets are available in market for Rs 6000 and they offer many good features like HD picture viewing, advance android version, better RAM etc. Other issues which I noted with all these tablets in very small internal memory of 4 GB only and (small) 7 inch screen size. With such a small internal memory, it is very difficult to enjoy these tablets fully. 

Some names of some these economical tablets selling around Rs 3000 are Zync Z-900 Tablet, Sylvania Ultraslim, Fujezone Tablet, Econnect Tablet etc. You can find many other tablets in this range with different names.  These tablets have become popular with children or people who want them for limited use or style. On one side, Tablets from big brands are available for more than Ra 15000 and on one side; these tablets are available for Rs 3000 only. 

At this cost, many people believe that there is no harm in buying such devices because it is really a very economical price. In my opinion, you can buy these devices if you are not planning to do very serious work with them. These tablets are good for children, students and fun time users. If you are looking for advance feature then these devices are not for you and you should buy a branded tablet.

Below I have added a list of online stores from where you can buy Less than Rs 5000 Tablets at Ease and Discount Rate

1) (Click Computer --- then Click Tablets)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

What is Cloud Space Storage/memory? How effective it is for Mobiles?

Cloud Space Storage means storing data on cloud. Cloud is a virtual storage platform hosted somewhere else. Generally, a cloud is created by connecting many small clouds (memory storage units). You can buy storage space on cloud space storage by buying it from number of companies offering cloud space storage. The storage space which you buy from cloud space storage companies is also termed as cloud space memory. Upon buying cloud space storage, you get a password to upload and access your data any time. Therefore, your data always remain safe and accessible to you only. A single cloud space is used by many people and companies; however, each individual can only access data linked with his account by using his login credentials.  Many people and companies use cloud space storage to store their data confidentially and in this way, they become free from storing data individually. In last few years, this concept has gained lots of popularity because it is much convenient, safe and economical to store data on cloud space storage.

The new concept is to use cloud space storage for mobile devices. Many mobile companies are offering free cloud space data storage accounts to mobile buyers. One of such mobile in market is Sony Xperia which is offering 50 GB free cloud space storage for life. Now biggest question is how effective is cloud space storage for mobile devices? Before using cloud space storage, we are required to know that we need active internet connection to upload and access data on cloud. Therefore, you need a fast and unlimited data plans to fully use cloud space memory. Under present conditions in India, the speed offered by most of 3g networks in average and data charges are very high. Under such conditions, cloud space storage does not look very effective for mobile devices in India. Though, we can hope that in near future with increase in mobile internet speed and decrease in its prices cloud space storage may become attractive option for mobile users.

Friday, October 12, 2012

How to make unlimited local and STD calls on BSNL Network?

Do you talk lot and need a solution for high amount of money you are spending on recharges, and then BSNL prepaid offers some solutions for you. There are few recharge vouchers available on BSNL which makes it possible for you to make unlimited Local or STD or both on same network. These offers are only available on same network means you should make a call from BSNLnumber to other BSNL number. So far, there is no recharge voucher available to make unlimited STD calls to other networks; though you can call at reduced rates by using available recharge vouchers. Below, you can find complete list of available recharge vouchers to make unlimited local/STD calls on BSNL network. There may be slight variation in recharge amounts in some states, therefore proceed by confirming exact amount by daily BSNL customer care at 1503.

Plan                                                       Recharge Amount         Validity

Unlimited Local/STD on BSNL                  Rs 30                        1 day
Network for 1 day

Unlimited Local/STD at Night on                 Rs 59                       15 days
BSNL Network for 15 days              

Unlimited Local/STD on BSNL                   Rs 151                       7 days
Network for 7 days

Unlimited Local calls on BSNL                    Rs 303                      30 days
BSNL Network

Unlimited Local/STD Calls on                      Rs 500                      30 days
BSNL Network

(Note- Only make Recharge of value shown above and not top up)

Lists of BSNL 3g Prepaid DATA Plans (Punjab/All India)

BSNL is one of first and leading mobile operators in India which are providing 3g network through out India. Biggest advantage of BSNL 3g is its widest network spread across whole India. If we compare BSNL 3g with other networks then it scores on them in two ways, First it has maximum area under 3 g network and second, it offers plans at lowest prices in 3g. It is easy to find many economical data plans on BSNL 3g service. At present they are offering 1250 MB 3g data for Rs 225 only and 2500 MB data for Rs 360 only. In last few months, BSNL has reduced prices of its 3g service by more than 75%. Below, you can find complete detail of all available BSNL 3g Prepaid Data plans. These plans are available through out India; however, still you can confirm with BSNL customer care number 1503 for any variation in your state.

To Get desired data plan, you are required to make recharge with amount mentioned in front of it.

These plans are not working with effect from 15-8-2013 Check new Data plans at

List of New and Slashed BSNL 3g Prepaid Data Plans (Punjab/All India)

Detail of Available BSNL 3g Data Plans- (Not working from 15-8-13 onwards/Check new plans above)

Recharge Amount           Received Data                         Validity

Rs 25                                 100  MB                                 3 Days
Rs 50                                 200  MB                                15 Days
Rs 100                               300  MB                                30 Days
Rs 120                   250 MB (Day) + 1250 MB (Night)    30 Days
Rs 152                              1000 MB                                 7 Days
Rs 250                               1250 MB                                30 Days
Rs 599                 3000 MB (Day) + 4000 MB (Night)     30 Days
Rs 450                             2000 MB                                  30 Days
Rs 600                             3000 MB                                  90 Days
Rs 750                             5000 MB                                  30 Days
Rs 1099                          10000 MB                                 30 Days
Rs 3000                          30000 MB                                 90 Days               

(Not working from 15-8-13 onwards/Check new plans above)
(Note - Make Recharge of Amount mentioned above and not topup, to get desired data)              

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Which are Top/Best Sites to Buy Electronic Products Online in India? (11 Online Site Reviews)

Top sites, Electronic Products, Review, India, Online Shopping

Today, electronic products like Mobiles, Digital Cameras, Music Players, TVs, Microwaves etc have become an integral part of our life because we use such products for numbers of daily works. Therefore, there always arises a need to buy new electronic product in life. Now, many people are choosing to buy electronic products online because it is very convenient to buy such products online. There are large numbers of online stores which sell electronic products in India and large numbers of Indians are buying electronic products online. As per estimate numbers of such people is likely to rise many times in coming days. All these online stores claim so many things; however, many times people got cheated due to such sites because of poor delivery of product. For example, I ordered a digital camera from an online store and it took one month and one week for site to deliver this product. Some sites have miserable and untrained customer care which makes it hard to get right information or to send a product back. Therefore, it is very important to buy electronic products from trusted sites only. I have also bought large numbers of electronic products online below I am providing rating to these online stores as per my experience.
Homeshop18, Homeshop18 Review, Mobile, Buy, Electronic   1) -  I have bought maximum numbers of electronic goods from this site and most expensive electronic item bought from Homeshop18 is Rs 37000 Nikon D 5100 DSLR camera. I want to give this site number one rating due to following reasons.
a)      The electronic products delivered to me were properly packed so that they should not get damaged during delivery.
b)      I got proper bills and all related documents of products.
c)      I got maximum numbers of free gifts and accessories at the time of buying.
d)     Got advantage of Homeshop18 coupon to save extra money.
e)      Products got delivered to me by top courier services like Blue Dart.
f)       Customer care responds back with in time.
g)      Trusted site running from many years.

These are few good points of homeshop18 which makes it my favorite choice to buy electronic products., review, buy, electronic, mobile
2) – This site just was launched at the start of this year only; however, within months of its operation this site has created a good name for itself. The main advantage of is pepperfry coupons and great discounts. They offer free coupons to new (Rs 2000 free coupons on sign up) and existing users to save up to 50% off on order. At present, they may be doing it to attract customers; however, you can get advantage of this offer to save good money while buying products. They send all products with proper bills. However, they use B category courier services like DTDC courier to send items and sometime, they do not properly package products.
zoomin, buy, mobiles, cameras, review3) (Only For Camera/Mobile and Camera/Mobile Accessories) – This is only site only which provides option to buy Cameras and Mobiles at 12 month EMI. Therefore, you can buy your favorite mobile by paying few hundred or thousand Rs monthly. Moreover, you can find some of lowest rates of these items on this site., shopping, review, mobiles, buy4) – is a renowned site and this site is shopping version of it. At this site, people can find good deals on electronic items. They run festival offers and good discounts from time to time to save money on orders. You can find many good offers on this site., Review, Mobiles, Electronic, buy, 5) – Today, flipkart is one of oldest and trusted site. Its portfolio of electronic products becomes stronger with merger of in it. offers some of finest range of electronic products. However, many times I have found their prices slightly higher than other sites. Still you can find numbers of good deals on site., Mobile, buy, review, cameras, LCD
6) – promotes itself as wholesale store and to some extent it is true because we can find lowest price of many electronic items at this store with free gift offers. Tradus is ibibo group of site and it has good acceptance in market. You can find good range of electronic products at affordable price on this site. They run daily deals and many offers where you can buy electronic products at great discount. However, some customers have reported issues in delivery., review, mobiles, LCD, camera7) – This is one of popular online store where you can find many electronic products at great discount. They also run numbers of online offers and discounts to save good money on electronic items. The good point about this site, its good customer care. On this site, you can find some of lowest online offers on electronic products., review8) – It is one of oldest online store from India and it is still popular among many users. On this site, you can find good deals on electronic items., review
9) – One of site, to find some of economical electronic products. They launch many offers and discount offers from time to time on electronic products.
10) – This site is leader is non branded electronic products. You can find many unique electronic products on this site which you may not find on other sites. Other advantage is good availability of Naaptol coupons to save good money.
rediff Shopping, Review11) – This is site to find some of most economical non-branded electronic items. Rates of most of products are usually less on this site; however, this site lacks some authenticity and delivery is poor too.

I hope this article will help you buy your next electronic product.

How to get BSNL 3g settings/configurations? Complete detail

If you are using BSNL 3g then you need 3g settings/configurations to use 3g data services like video calling, access internet, send/receive MMS, download videos and live video streaming etc. Below, I will show all methods to get all 3g settings because you can get these setting through numbers of ways. BSNL 3g settings are same as settings for BSNL 2g (GPRS/EDGE); therefore, if you are just upgrading from 2g to 3g then you are not required to change any settings because same settings will work with 3g too.

Option 1) – First and simple method to get BSNL 2g/3g APN setting is simple; just send sms to 58355 with your Mobile brand and model number.
For example Send SMS “nokia 5800” to 58355 Shortly, you will receive all required setting on your mobile and save these settings to start using 3g.

Option 2) – Visit
Login to this site with your BSNL mobile number by adding 91 to it e.g. 919467857788
Select Device Management and Select your Device
Send settings to your mobile through SMS

Option 3) – Add settings manually, it is very simple.

1) To Access internet on mobile handset/PC/Data Card
 Connection name - Bsnl3g
Data bearer – Packet data
Access point (APN) – bsnlnet
User name – none
Prompt password no
Authentication- Normal
Homepage- any or
Use access point Automatically

2) To Send Receive MMS APN - bsnlmms
Proxy Server Address -
Port – 8080
MMS Server Address -

3) To Access BSNL Live
APN – bsnllive
Proxy Server Address -
Port – 8080
Home Page -

4) To Enable Video Streaming
APN – bsnlstream

Buy using all these three options you can get 3g setting easily for your device. If still you need more help then visit this link for more information.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Which is better mobile operating software Android or Window and Why?

Today, Android is undoubtedly most popular and most used mobile operating system in world. At present, Android mobile operating system has direct competition with Window’s mobile operating system. So far, Window’s mobile operating system is much behind android in reach and popularity; however, it is increasing its presence with new launches. In next few days, Microsoft is going to launch Window 8 mobile operating system. Microsoft says that Window 8 mobile is much better than Window 7 mobile. In last few years, high end mobile market has grown very fast thus increasing demand for better mobile operating systems. Therefore, Microsoft has also realized need for a good mobile operating system to remain successful in operating system business. Microsoft is clear winner when it comes to computer based operating systems; however, in mobile operating systems Google is clear winners because it entered this market very early and at right time. Apple’s iOS mobile operating software does not looks to have direct competition with others because it is only restricted to Apple’s Iphone only and same is the story with Blackberry operating system. On the other hand, Nokia has already stopped development of its own mobile operating software Symbian. Therefore, there remain only two major players one is Google’s Android and other is Microsoft’s Window based mobile operating software. Now question comes in front of us is that which out of these two operating systems in best.  

Good Points of Android-

1)      It is freely available and time tested mobile operating system.
2)      On android, you have maximum choice of applications available with you.
3)      It is much economical than rest of operating system
4)      Constant development is taking place in Android with launch of new and better versions.
5)      Android works well from low priced mobiles to high priced mobiles.
6)      Large base of users across the world.
7)      Enjoys maximum share in smart phone market with 68% share.
8)      Large base of application developers.
9)      More frequent release of New Android Versions.
10)  Cost of running Android is much less as compared to other operating system.
11)   Very easy to operate

Bad Points of Android-

1)      Too many unwanted apps
2)      Too many choices of versions
3)      Problem of less battery life with some versions
4)      So widely available that fails to give a unique look.

Good Points of Window Mobile 8

1)      Innovative design and new look.
2)      Better multi-tasking, resolution and battery life.
3)      Unique look and appeal
4)      Good base of apps
5)      Software upgrade support
6)      Multi processor support

Bad Points of Window Mobile 8

1)      Very expensive Apps
2)      Cost of running software is high
3)      Not easy for new users
4)      New product and needs to be tested
5)      Available only for higher end mobiles
6)      Lesser base of app developers

By considering all these points, you can yourself decide which software is good for you.

How to open Mobile Sites/ Mobile Web Browsers on Your Computer?

Sometimes, we are required to access mobile sites from web browser; however, to do so we need a mobile web browser. Such web browsers are typically made for mobile devices and often they work on them only. Below, I will show a solution/trick to open mobile web browser on your computer/laptop. You can easily use this option to open all kind of mobile sites. Sometimes, there comes lots of offer which require us to login through a mobile site only or numbers of times, we are required to see how a mobile site looks and works. Now all this become very easy once you follow steps provided below.

To put everything to Work, we first need Mozilla Firefox web browser, if you have it then its good or you can download it for free from Official Mozilla site at

After downloading Mozilla Web Browser

Step 1)  Click Tools ----- then Click Add ons in Tools ------ in Add ons click Get Add ons
Here Search for Add on “USER AGENT SWITCHER” and install it (one minute Process)

After Installing Add on User Agent Switcher

Step 2) Click Tools ----- Click Default User Agent ------ Select iphone 3

After doing So, your web browsers will convert in to iphone 3 standard mobile web browser and you can easily use this mobile web browser to open any mobile website like you open on a mobile.

To Again start using normal web browser

Click Tools ---- Click Default User Agent ----- Select Default User Agent

Monday, October 8, 2012

5 paise Local, National and Roaming SMS on BSNL Prepaid 2g/3g (All India/Punjab) How to Activate/Deactivate it?

If you are a BSNL prepaid user and you send lots of local and national sms daily then you can easily get benefit of 5 paise sms scheme of BSNL. Under this offer, you send unlimited Local, National and Roaming SMS at cost of 5 paise only. To get this facility of sending local/national and roaming SMS for Rs .005 or 5 paise only you are required to recharge your BSNL prepaid number with Rs 13. You will get this facility activated on your BSNL prepaid number for 30 days. This offer is available for both 2g and 3g BSNL prepaid customers. Under this offer, you will not get any recharge value. This is special traffic voucher and it only provides benefit of sending SMS at 5 paise/sms. This facility is available across India and Punjab; though, you can check with BSNL customer care number 1503 that this facility is available in your circle or not.

To Activate SMS facility of  5 Paise per SMS on your BSNL Prepaid

Make Recharge of Rs 13

(Note - Not make Rs 13 top up, only make Rs 13 recharge or use special traffic voucher because top up is only for adding balance.)

To Deactivate 5 Paise SMS Pack for BSNL Call customer care number 1503 and ask to deactivate 5 paise sms service for BSNL. 

Check Tata Docomo available 3g Data plans for Data Usage (Prepaid)

Below you can find list of latest and revised Tata Docomo 3g data plans for 3g enabled dongles. With already decrease of nearly 70% in prices of 3g traffic such plans has become very affordable. Now, unlimited 3g data plans of by Tata Docomo starts from Rs 700 onwards. There is good base of Tata Docomo 3g prepaid users who use it for fast wireless 3g data connection. Tata Docomo offers upto 7.2 Mbps data speed. With presence in many cities and towns of India, Tata Docomo offers a great choice in terms of data plans.

List of available Tata Docomo 3g Data Prepaid Plans

Unlimited Data Plans –

Charges               Usage

Rs 700             2 GB unlimited Data
Rs 750             3 GB unlimited Data
Rs 1000           6 GB unlimited Data
Rs 1200          11 GB unlimited Data

Usage Based Data Plans –

Rs 350             1.5 GB Data for 30 days
Rs 450              2 GB Data for 30 days
Rs 850              5 GB Data for 30 days

In unlimited data plans users can surf at the rate of @ 128 kbps

(Note - Information is correct at the time of writing this post, for latest information call customer care number 1800-266-121)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

About Apple’s Iphone 5 and its unique features/ Specifications, Why should you buy a Iphone 5?

If you are planning to buy an Apple’s just launched Iphone 5 then you are required to have knowledge of its key features and specification. How Iphone 5 is better than its earlier versions? Within few days of its launch Apple succeeded in selling millions of Iphone 5 mobile handsets.

Here are key features and specification of of Iphone 5.

1) It is much thinner and lighter as compared to Iphone 4S. It is 20% lighter and 18% thinner as compared to Iphone 4S. It has depth of 7.6 mm and weight of just 112 g.
2) Bigger display screen. 4 inch retina display.
3) Ultra fast wireless.
4) New A6 chip to offer fast performance and high speed. A6 chip is two times faster as compared to A5 chip.
5) New Isight 8 MP camera with feature like panorama and dynamic low-light mode.
6) Iphone 5 lens are made of sapphire crystal which are as clear as glass however, as strong as diamonds. Thus no worry of scratches.
 7) Latest iOS6 operating system with new updated feature and applications.
8) Much better Aluminum and Glass Body for better look and style.
9) It has new and improved maps.
10) You can capture 1080p HD video recording 8 MP Isight Camera.
11) You can take photos while recording videos.
12) More options for making and answering a call.
13) Talk in HD with face to face over high speed wi-fi or cellular connection.
14) Advance Safari and icloud features for faster web browsing and email handling.

These are some of main feature of new Iphone 5 which makes is better, thinner and faster device as compared to earlier iphones. In my view, main improvements in Iphone 5 are its smart camera and faster performance for which I will give 9 out of 10 points. Iphone 5 camera is really wonderful as compared to earlier Iphones. For changes in display, I will give it 7 out of 10 points. All other changes do not look very significant and some people are reporting numbers of errors and issues with them. My overall rating for Iphone 5 is 8 out of 10.

Also Visit What is cost of Apple Iphone 5 in India? Where you can buy it?

Which is Best option Internal Memory or External Memory of a device and Why ?

Memory is an important part of any electronic device today because it helps us to store unlimited things. We all know that more the memory of a device more freedom we enjoy in storing favorite items. However, many times we face this dilemma that we should buy a device with internal memory or a device with external (extended memory). For example, if you have option of buying two tablets, one with 64 GB internal memory and other with 64 GB memory card (extended Memory).

Now both devices have same memory and you can buy tablet with 64 GB memory card at much less price of tablet with internal memory of 64 GB. Today, many tablets with 4 GB internal memory and extended memory up to 64 GB are available in market for less than Rs 5000. On the other hand, tablets with internal memory of 64 GB cost more than Rs 15000. Now should you buy an electronic device with internal memory at higher price or why should not buy a device with extended memory at much less price?

I have used both kinds of devices and my verdict goes with devices with internal memory because benefits of such devices are much higher as compared to devices with extended memory. An internal memory of 64 GB compared to extended memory of 64 GB enjoys much a faster speed, more functions, less errors and long life. If, you are planning to use a device for long time then you must keep in mind that a memory card will not last for long and its speed will decrease with time.

Many applications, games and software work only on internal memory and many others work fast on internal memory. So if, you are paying more for device with high internal memory then you are definitely buying a peace of mind and great comfort for long time.

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