Friday, January 28, 2011

Watch Review Samsung Galaxy Tab

It is time for smart tablets to show their strength in market after the success of smartphones. Samsung Galaxy Tab is leading tablet available in front of us and it is easily available on all major electronic stores. So far, its high price can be major concern for all Indian buyers because it is costing between Rs 30000 to Rs 34000 and we can buy a good laptop for this price. Despite high price, Galaxy Tab can be great option for all people who are looking for super smart phones. Samsung Glaxay Tab can perform many works of computer while giving advantage of small size. This cool gadget is for all people who want to do lot more with their mobile phone. Watch detail review of Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Watch Nokia X6 In-Depth Review (Video)

Below, people can watch in depth video review of Nokia’s recent phone Nokia X6. Nokia X6 is one of leading phone by Nokia when it comes to internal memory of 8 GB. Good phone for people who want to listen to lots of music and enjoy hit videos of their home. However, there are many short comings too present in this handset and it looks to be slightly expensive handset as compared to other similar handsets available in market. People can read my reviews of Nokia X6 by visiting Nokia X6 Review.To learn more about this mobile, people can watch this in-depth video review

Trend for smart phones

Today, we live in world where everyone wants to look and one of great options available in front of people to look smart is buying a smart phone. Therefore, we can easily find great trend for smart phones in present world where everyone wants to buy a smart phone. Markets are also full of many smart phones from almost all big brands in mobile manufacturing. Some of popular smart phones include Nokia N8,htc desire 2.2, Apple 4 etc. Google’s mobile operating system Android is very popular and most of smart mobile phones work on it.

Smart phones are present revolution in mobile world and it is very hard to imagine a life without them in coming future. Smart phones and 3G mobile services are making it possible for us to make video calls, surf internet or watch movies on our smart phones. Smart phones still cost lots of money; therefore, they are not in the range of many people. However, in coming months we can see significant decrease in their prices. Already, some company are offering smart phones in the range of Rs 6000 to Rs Rs 8000 and soon, we can hope for the introduction of many such economical smart phones.

Nokia X6 Review

Nokia X6 is second smart phone which I am currently using after Nokia 5800 express music. My experience with Nokia 5800 was not very good which lifted my faith on Nokia smart phones. However, recently in gift I got Nokia X6 which I am currently using. More or less, X6 is more advance version of 5800 express music; however, many problems still remain same with Nokia X6 too. First I am discussing good features of Nokia X6.

X6 has 5 Megapixel cameras with 4X zoom which capture quite good quality pictures in most of cases as compared to 3.2 megapixel camera in 5800. X6 has internal memory of 8 GB as compared to external memory of 8 GB in 5800. Screen resolution and quality looks to be better than 5800. X6 comes with option to open email attachments which was missing in 5800. X6 has robust body as compared to 5800 and many other similar handsets available in market. Despite so many additions over 5800, Nokia X6 lack many things like slow response rate of touch screen, poor battery life etc.

Touch screen response of Nokia 5800 was average; however, its touch screen stopped working two times in two years of use. Same problem looks to be present with Nokia X6, as touch screen response is poor and screen hangs or mobile got switch off while running an application. Nokia is using same old battery BL-5J in Nokia X6 which it used in Nokia 5800 which create same problem of constant need for charging. Nokia needs to work hard in battery segment for increasing battery life of their handsets; otherwise, Nokia will continue to loss its market share.

Web browsing experience is same like 5800 which needs drastic improvement. Many problems constantly come in using various applications on X6 like 5800. This phone is costing Rs 14000 in India and at this price; it is an average pick with few good and bad features. My rating for this phone is 6 out of 10.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pictures Samsung Galaxy Tab

Below, people can watch pictures of Samsung Galaxy Tab which is new introduction from Samsung in mobile tablet segment. With Samsung Galaxy Tab, people can suppose to do large number of things which are not possible with present generation of mobile phones. People can enjoy benefits like mobile connectivity, book reading, music, map viewing and lakhs of other applications to enjoy on this gadget.

samsung galaxy Tab unboxing
Harga Samsung Galaxy Tab - Spesifikasi Galaxy tab
Samsung Galaxy Tab
Samsung Galaxy Tab Iusacell

Samsung Galaxy Tab First Look

Below, people can watch first look video of Samsung Galaxy Tab. Future clearly belong to tablets where we can see all latest technology meeting together to offer a great solution to us. Samsung Galaxy Tab is one such product from Samsung and it is likely to introduce Samsung in high end category of mobile telephony. People can watch official trailer of Samsung Galaxy to feel and see it.

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