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500 SMS/Day pack Reliance GSM (How to activate)

Reliance GSM mobile service also offer one more attractive SMS pack to its customers as it offers 1 Paisa Local/National and Roaming SMS pack. With the help of this pack, people can send 500 free daily to any network local and STD. This pack is highly useful for people who send large numbers of SMS daily like teenagers. People are required to recharge their mobile number with Rs 45 to activate this plan. This SMS pack is another good solution from Reliance GSM to its mobile network user who sends large numbers of SMS daily. My recommendation of this pack is only to those people who send large numbers of SMS on daily basis otherwise 1 paisa SMS pack is good for people. Below, people can find complete details to activate this SMS pack on their Reliance GSM number.

How to activate Reliance GSM SMS Pack

Follow any of these options

Option 1- Recharge with Rs 45

Option 2- SMS ACT SMSPACK to 53739

Option 3- Press *777*4*3# to activate

Trace Unknown Number with Location and Operators

Many times, we get lots of missed calls or blank calls from unknown numbers then it become hard for us to find information on this number. Now with the help of service available below, people can find detail of unknown number and location. This service cost Rs 3 per SMS and it provide detail of mobile operator and its location. People are required to send a SMS to 56060 number to get these details.

SMS FIND to 56060
e.g. send FIND 9910033222 to 56060

1 Paisa Local/National and Roaming SMS on Reliance GSM

To attract mobile customers towards its GSM mobile network, Reliance GSM mobile service has launched many attractive plans and schemes. One such attractive offer from Reliance GSM service is 1 Paisa Local/National and Roaming SMS from Reliance GSM number to any number in India. People can activate this service by paying just Rs 19 Rs 39. This pack/offer is highly attractive and advisable for people who send large numbers of SMS. This service is very attractive as people are charged only 1 paisa for sending STD and roaming SMS. This pack remains active for 30 days and all SMSs sent in these 30 days cost 1 paisa each. People can activate this plan by making recharge of Rs 19 to their Reliance GSM number. Below, people can find complete detail to activate this service on their Reliance GSM number.

How to activate 1 Paisa Local/National and Roaming SMS on Reliance GSM?

Use any of following options

Option 1- Make Recharge of Rs 19 Rs 39
Option 2- SMS ACT SMS1P to 53739
Option 3- press *777*4*1# to activate

Update 13-10-2012 - There is price revision for Reliance 1 paisa SMS Plan and it is now available on recharge of Rs 39 instead of Rs 19 earlier. 

Get detail of best Reliance GSM Value Packs

People who use Reliance GSM service can get help of free service available below to find all details related to available value packs on Reliance GSM network. This toll free number and people will not be charged any money for dialling this number from Reliance GSM number. People can easily learn about all latest prepaid and postpaid offers available for them by dialling this number. People can listen to message in their local language too as these messages are available in Hindi, English and local language. Therefore, people are not required to call customer care executive every time when they learn about new offers and value deals on their Reliance GSM number.

Call 9317093170

Poor service by Reliance GSM customer care

From last two months, I am using Reliance GSM prepaid services for one of my mobile connection. Network availability was one issue which I was facing with this service because network of Reliance GSM fluctuate in my service area and sometimes suddenly disappear for some time. This was not only issue which I was facing with Reliance GSM service, the second issue is long wait for connecting to Reliance GSM customer care.

It takes 5-20 minutes to connect to Reliance GSM customer care in Punjab and many times your call disconnects automatically without being attended by Customer care representative. Therefore, it becomes very irritating when it comes out to call to customer care of Reliance GSM. Reliance GSM service in Punjab immediately need to increase its customers care service in Punjab so that people should not have to wait for long time for getting their call being attended by a customer care representative. With this poor service, it is hard for Reliance GSM to make first position in Punjab circle. 

Review Reliance Netconnect Data Card (Wireless Broadband Card)

Last year, Reliance launched India’s first wireless broadband service with the name of Reliance Netconnect. Today, Reliance’s wireless broadband service is very popular because at present it only has competition with Tata’s wireless broadband service with name of Tata Photon. Reliance claims that its wireless broadband service is available in 62 cities and it offer as high speed as 3.1 Mbps. People can buy Reliance Netconnect Data Card by paying Rs 2499 and there are multiple monthly plans available as per need of customers from Rs 299 to Rs 1750.

At present no unlimited usage plan is available from Reliance and most of its wireless broadband plans are much expansive than landline broadband connections. Reliance netconnect service is available in both postpaid and prepaid plans. Recently, I got chance to use Reliance netconnect wireless broadband connection at New Delhi and Ludhiana. I did various tests related to speed of net connection and found that despite many claims by Reliance speed is still poor; though, this service is good for people who travel constantly and do not have any other better option.

Claim of 3.1 Mbps speed is very high and it is even harder to find speed of 256 Kbps at certain locations where this service is available. Other than 62 cities where Reliance do not have broadband network, this connection work as ordinary slow speed internet connection. Reliance is still required to strengthen its network in big way and plus they are required to decrease usage plans to make this service more realistic. If people do not travel much then I will advice landline broadband connection which is still cheap and best option.

Samsung Corby TV (Live TV on Mobile)

Samsung has introduced live TV enabled its popular handset Corby. Corby series of handsets are already very popular in India and therefore, Samsung has introduced Samsung Corby TV to enter Live TV on mobile market in India. Samsung Corby TV handset works on CDMA network unlike other Corby models which work on popular GSM network. Samsung saw a great opportunity in the form of Corby TV and available high speed CDMA wireless networks. People can enjoy 50 plus live Indian TV channels on their Samsung Corby handset.

Presently, Samsung Corby TV works on Reliance netconnect wireless broadband and Tata photon wireless broadband. People have option to choose between these networks and they are required to buy a monthly plan to watch these live channels. Therefore, people buying Corby TV are required to be ready for extra monthly charges which they will pay to wireless broadband networks. At present, Samsung Corby TV is only suitable for people living in big metro cities where wireless broadband network work well because many parts in India are still have high speed internet access.

With the entry of 3 G network in India, it will become easy for all 3 G mobile handset users to access live TV channels on their GSM networks. Though, Samsung has won this battle by launching their Live TV enabled handset in Indian market which will help Samsung in long run. Overall, Samsung Corby TV is a good option but it is more suitable for people living in big cities only where wireless broadband networks work well.

Review Samsung Corby Colours (Touchscreen)

Samsung Corby has become a popular mobile handset in India and large numbers of people are using this handset because of its stylish looks, user friendly design and attractive price. Samsung Corby Colours touch screen phone is available for just Rs 6500 in India. This handset has become very popular among women and girls because it provides a great option to choose colours of phone background. This phone offers many good features like one figure zoom, smart unlock, online widgets, POP up Social networking sites status updates, upload pictures from mobile, 2 MP camera, stylish music player etc.

People can also upload more widgets and application from various open sources to make their Samsung Corby handset more useful. Main attraction of Samsung Corby handset is it stylish look and solid touch screen features which makes it a good product. This phone is highly suitable for younger generation who cannot afford very expensive handsets but they want full style.

Samsung Corby is very easy to operate and it support external memory up to 8 GB. In this price, it is very hard to ask for something else; though, people may face some problems while uploading external widgets and application as some applications do not work properly on Samsung Corby. Overall, I will like to give 8 out of 10 marks to Samsung Corby for offering so many features at this affordable price.

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