Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Comparison iPhone 3GS and Nokia N 97 (video)

Below, people can find comparison between two hot mobile phones in market iphone 3GS and Nokia N97. Both these phones offer touch screen experience while N97 also offer option to use QWERTY keypad (for faster social networking experience).

Review Nokia N 97 (See it Video)

Review Nokia N 97 (See it Video)

Below, people can watch detailed review of Nokia N97. Nokia N 97 is a combination of new touch screen phone and QWERTY. Closed Nokia N97 looks very similar to Nokia 5800 Express Music which is a touch screen phone from Nokia and it also has many features similar to Nokia 5800. This phone provide 32 GB of memory power for storing digital data and offer 3.5 " 16:9 widescreen. People can enjoy numbers of applications of this phone like web browsing, photography, maps, email, calendar, TV and videos, music and games. With the help of help of these video reviews, people can easily learn more about Nokia N 97. Also visit Comparison iPhone 3GS and Nokia N 97 (video)

Display Problem with Nokia 5800 Express Music

Last year launched touch screen phone from Nokia 5800 Express Music is showing display problem and it is common to see lines of people coming to Nokia service centre for getting display of Nokia 5800 changed. I also faced same problem with the display of Nokia 5800 display and it took one and half month for Nokia service centre for replacing display of my Nokia 5800. The main reason of this delay was pending replacements of other Nokia 5800 sets. I discovered this problem only after using my Nokia 5800 for just six months. Therefore, people who are looking to buy Nokia 5800 should give some thought to this problem before buying a Nokia 5800.

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