Sunday, December 21, 2008

Detailed Video review Nokia N97

Below, people can enjoy detailed review of recently launched Nokia handset in N series Nokia N97. Nokia N 97 can be described as combination of mix of old and new features. Nokia says that this handset will be very helpful for social media addicts because of wider keypad. Nokia N97 offers a 3.5" touch display with a full QWERTY keyboard which we are missing in many new introductions. Nokia also says that this mobile can works can handy laptop for accessing useful information on go. Nokia N 97 offers a 16:9 widescreen display for excellent multimedia enjoyment. The amazing fact about N97 is its 32 GB inbuilt memory which can be extended up to 48 GB. Nokia N 97 also offers a 5-Megapixel camera with high-quality Carl Zeiss optics. The estimated price of this mobile will be Euro 550.

Enjoy Demo video Nokia N97 (official)

Below, people can enjoy recently released video of Nokia N97. This new phone is Nokia N series can create good market for itself because of its features and ease of using it. This is officially released video demo of N97.

Difference between http and https

Have you ever noticed while visiting a secure network like bank website that http typed by us mostly automatically got converted in to https? Now why this happens! The answer is very simple because https is more secured as compared to http because it uses an encrypted connection. http stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol which helps us in transferring and receiving information on net and it is widely used across the net. http basically serves as a request and response procedure which makes it possible for us to easy access and share information online. 

However, there is one problem with use of http while sending confidential information that this information will not remain safe and can fall in the hands of wrong people. However, no one using internet will want that his information should fall in the hands of wrong people. Therefore, for solving this problem Netscape corporation developed https which stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocot secured. Basic function of both http and https is same; however, https send all information in encrypted form which is considered more secure. 

There is also difference of default ports for http and https, default port for http is 80 while it is 443 for https. Today, https is widely used for sending secured information like banking data etc. Therefore, next time whenever you see a shift from http to https then consider a good sign and assume that your information is safe.

Option of video and audio chat with GoogleTalk and Gmail

Google Talk is one of the most used messengers in present times because of popularity of gmail and ease of using it. Now Google talk has become even more attractive because Google has released new plug-in for Google Talk and Gmail for doing enhanced audio and video chat. Google claims that video and audio quality of their chat will be much better than other available services. Overall, this new service of Google looks to hold a good potential for all of us. People can learn more about this service by watching tutorial video available below. People can also download this plugin by visiting link.

Get Free IT (Information Technology) Consultation

From Today, onwards I will provide free IT (information technology) consultation. People can email their problem to me through the contact form available below. In the present world, IT has become an important part of our life and it is very difficult for us to undermine its importance. Everyday millions of websites are created by millions of people for exploiting growth in online world. However, still many people find lack of free or easy information for getting proper advantage of this growth. Therefore, now I will try to help all those people as much I can help with my Experience.

Consultation available for topics

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My experience-
I hold a MBA (Marketing degree) and Ecommerce diploma from leading Indian universities. I have four and half years of experience of working for number of US websites and my own 100 plus websites.

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