Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Review Nikon D 90

Nikon D 90 is presently one of the most hyped SLR digital cameras from Nikon. Lot of people across the world want to learn about this camera. This is a 12.3 Mega pixel Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera. Below, people can watch reviews of this camera.

Review 1-

Review 2-

Report on Nikon D 90

Below, people can find report on Nikon’s newly introduced camera D 90. Nikon D 90 is first SLR camera which also include HD mode. This is a 12.3 megapixel camera with Digtial Single Lens Reflex camera. This is first camera of its type in world.

Can we see 50% decreases in price of iphone 3G in India?

Well answer is yes and we can hope to see major cut in the prices of iphone 3G launched in India recently. Iphone 3G 8 GB and 16 GB models are available in India for price of Rs 31000 (appx $ 800) and Rs 36500 (appx $ 900). Whereas Iphone 3G is available around the world at much cheaper price ranging from free to $ 200 with different mobile usage plans. Today, any person in India can easily buy a good laptop by paying RS 30000, therefore, iphone 3G at this price is not a good deal.

However, still there are many rich people in India who can afford to buy iphone at this price and they will definitely like to use iphone as status symbol. Now, biggest worry for most of the iphone sellers in India will be that number of people who can afford iphone at this price is very limited. Therefore, within few months there are possibilities of significant decrease in the sale of iphone in India. Second, there are good chances that gray markets will be flooded with cheap iphone handsets smuggled from US, Europe and China.

Already, Iphone 3G is available in gray market within price range of RS 15000 to Rs 25000, which will further decrease when more unofficial iphones enter India. People can easily find software applications and various hacks online or in market to unlock iphones, therefore making it easy to use iphones sold in other nations. Third, big mobile manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung have many products ready to face iphone 3G at much cheaper price. Therefore, in future only option available with iphone sellers in India will be to decrease prices of iphone by 30 to 50% to remain competitive in market. Though, it is difficult to predict exact dates when we will see decrease in the price of iphone but one thing is clear that we can see it soon.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Chrome Review

I just downloaded Google’s latest web browser Chrome and it is really fun to use it. My first impression about this web browser is very positive because it is very easy and simple to use this web browser. Speed wise also Chrome web browser is much faster than other web browsers available online. I did not get any problem while opening multiple tabs, though downloading speed at few tabs got slowed down, which is an acceptable thing and can be caused by internet speed.

The other major advantage of Google web browser chrome is that people can easily bookmark web address from address bar and use address bar as search engine. Moreover, Google Chrome provides people multiple options to create new application shortcuts and option of showing or hiding various features. Therefore, we can say Google Chrome provide a more control in the hands of people to manage their web browser. Now, people are also not required to remember lengthy names of websites because address bar will work as search engine and show related website address options.

After downloading Google Chrome, people are not required to worry about adding any information like password bank, web history etc to this browsers because chrome will automatically upload information from your existing web browsers. Biggest thing which goes in the favour of Google browser Chrome is its fast web downloading as compared to exciting player which will provide lot of help in the success of Chrome.

This web browser has good feature of showing blocked pop ups at the bottom of page, so that people can watch these pop ups if they want to do so. Overall, I can say that my first experience is very fine with Google browser Chrome and I will use this browser more as compared to other browsers. Google Chrome has passed its first test and now, after few days of use we will be only able to judge its real performance.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How to use Google videos for Office/Business use

With the help of video available below, people can easily learn to use Google videos for Office and Business use. With the help of this service, it will become very easy for many organisations to share their official and training videos internally among employees of organisation. People can sign up for this service by visiting www.google.com/apps/collaboration and choose between free and paid service. The main feature of this service is that it provides a freedom to communicate through videos with all members of organisations without leaking videos to outer world. With the help of official video available below, people can easily learn more about this service and its benefits.

Also visit-Download Google Chrome

Download Google Chrome

Google Chrome is available for download, visit the link provided below for downloading it.

Finally, Google’s much awaited web browser “Google Chrome” is going to available for download to billions of people across 100 nations within few hours from now. This will be beta launch of Google Chome and people can download it from google’s official blog- “googleblog.blogspot.com”. With this launch Google will definitely present a new challenge to Microsoft which presently has major control over web browsers market. According to Google, their web browser is safer, faster and user friendly as compared to other web browsers available online. People can learn more about “Google Chrome” by visiting this Cartoon Presentation of Google Chrome and learn more about.

Download Google Chrome

Also visit-How to use Google videos for Office/Business use

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