Thursday, July 31, 2008

Review Lenovo Y510

Finally, a new laptop model Y510 is available from Lenovo which will definitely attract people who love to watch movies and listen music on their laptop because with Y510, they are not required to use external speakers. This laptop will come with 4.1 Dolby surround sound system inbuilt in it which will include two main speaker, two secondary speaker and a woofer.

Therefore, people can now hope for very clear sound clarity with their laptop which presently we miss in most of laptops. This Laptop will also include other popular features of Lenovo laptops like face recognition, inbuilt TV tuner, integrated camera etc. Lenovo says that they have made face recognition system more strong in this model, therefore, people can now hope for more security for their laptop with this system.

This laptop comes with 2 GB RAM which makes it a powerful device for editing. Overall, people can hope for excellent performance with this Lenovo Laptop. This laptop will cost between Rs 42000 to Rs 50000 in India and some features may not be available in Indian version.

Main features -

Hard disk- 160 GB
RAM- 2 GB (MAX upto 4 GB)
Screen 15.4 inch
Processor 1.73 GHZ Intel T2370
DVD burner
6 in 1 media card reader
2 USB 2.0 ports
Fire wire Port (IEEE 1394)
VGA Output
Type I/II PC card slot
Ethernet Port
1 USB 1.0 port

Video review Lenovo Y510-


Searching new search engines

Search engines have made our life very simple on internet and today, lot of credit goes to them for making internet an easy tool for information search. With the help of search engines, we can easily find useful information in seconds. Though, different search engines have their shortcoming and due to this reason, we also see search for new search engines.

However, some of the leading search engines like Google have made many times improvements in their search result presentation and their search results in recent years. We today get are more fast and accurate results from our search engines. Though, still no search is 100% in this world and therefore, we see arrival of new search engines constantly.

Many of these search engines are even offering reward points for using their search engines and people can redeem these rewards points for gifts. However, sadly most of these new search engines are not able to make any impact on users. Big search engine players like Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN etc still hold a big market in search engine world.

Therefore, competition is very tough for any new search engine to enter this highly competitive market. If any new search engine succeeds in making a name for it in future then we can definitely hope for something extraordinary in this search engine, otherwise why people should use a new search engine.

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Anna Patterson and

Finally, there is someone who is boldly challenging Google’s supremacy on internet and it is not any new face for Google. It is Anna Patterson who took part in creating Google search engine index. Now Anna with the help of her husband Tom Costello, who is also a search engine expert, has decided to challenge Google search engine with her newly created search engine Cuil search engine.

This search engine is promoted by Anna as Google killer and we can hope that it will succeed in doing so; however, we need to understand this fact that Google is very big for at present.

Many claims are being made about cuil search engine like it has 3 times more pages indexed in it than indexed by Google; however, it is difficult to check reality because Google do not disclose its data. Presently, Google is a big leader when it comes to search engine market holding more than 75% market worldwide.

In past also many search engines tried to compete with Google, however, most of them failed in front of Google’s popularity. Though, provides a slight new presentation when it comes to search results but it is not clear that how people will like it. Moreover, it will be more interesting to see that people who know Google can beat it or not.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Watch how iphone 3G works

Iphone 3G has really created lot of noise in mobile market. Though, this mobile phone is launched in few selected nations of world, however, people around the world want to know about this mobile phone. Below, people can find very helpful video cum review telling about all features of iphone 3G. People can watch how a 3G iphone look like and how fast it work. Some of iphone 3G functions are really very amazing and look very futuristic.

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Watch reviews of Iphone 3G

Finally, twice faster and half priced iphone 3G is available in front of us. According to Apple, iphone 3G will create new revolution in mobile phone industry. Moreover, its only $199 price has made many people fan of this product. Therefore, large numbers of people are excited about this product and want to buy it. Below, people can enjoy some reviews of iphone 3G by various Medias and sites. These reviews will definitely help people in learning more about iphone 3G and what people actually have to say about this phone.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Iphone to enter India

Finally, Indians wait for Apple’s iphone will be over by the end of this year because two leading Indian telecom companies Vodafone and Airtel are in talks with Apple for launching iphone in India. There are good hopes that iphone will finally enter Indian market within this year. Large numbers of people in India are already waiting for the launch of this phone here and therefore, there are good chances that this phone will become hit in India too.

On last Friday, Apple also launched iphone 3G in US, which it says as twice fast and half priced as compared to earlier version of iphone. Large number of people in US waited outside the stores of AT&T for getting new version of iphone 3G. Most of the people who have bought new version of iphone 3G have liked it very much and are finding it more useful and exciting. Though, it is not clear so far that new version of iphone will be launched in India or not. Still, we can enjoy entry of iphone in India much earlier than many other nations.

Entry of iphone in India will also provide tuff competition to major cell phone brands in India like Nokia because iphone offer many attractive features which other mobile brands fail in providing at this price. Therefore, big Indian cell phone brands are also preparing themselves for this competition. Hopefully, iphone will be a good experience for people and change concept of mobile phones in India.

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Watch new Features of iphone 3G

On the first birthday of iphone, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the launched the much faster and sleek version of iphone as iphone 3G. The CEO Jobs announced during the launch of iphone 3G that he wants to take iphone to next level. He also introduced new iphone 3G to public and told about improved and new added features in iphone 3G. Below, people can enjoy complete video of this presentation. Apple looks to be very aggressive about iphone and want to make it a very big success. Already, iphone is a big success in market therefore, we can also hope for same success for iphone 3G. With the help of video available below, people can learn how iphone 3G is better than earlier iphone.

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Learn about iphone

Finally, Indians wait for iphone will come to end by the end of this year. Already talks are in final phase for the launch of iphone in India; therefore, within few months iphone is expected to enter in Indian market. However, very less number of people in India knows about iphone and about its features. Below, I am providing video which provides complete information about iphone and its features. Therefore, people can update themselves about iphone with the help of this video.

ALso visit-Watch how to blend latest iphone3G

Watch how to blend latest iphone3G

Below enjoy one of the popular video of youtube about latest 3G iphone. Apple is claiming this phone twice as faster and half the price of earlier model. The main video available below is will it blend?-iphone 3G. Hopefully, all iphone lovers will enjoy this video.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Power of Mobile phone radiations (Watch)

In recent times debate on the harmful effects of mobile phones is very high. Many universities and scientists across the world are studying the harmful effects of mobile phones. However, we are still not able to get concrete studies on this matter. There are few studies which say that mobile phones are very harmful for us while there are many other studies which say that mobile phones do not do any harmful effect to human.

Therefore, people around the world are confused about using handsets or not. Even many people believe that mobile companies are presenting false studies in front of people or bribing scientists for giving wrong studies because their sales are dependent on these reports. Though, we do not have any solid study which can tell that mobile phones are harmful for us or not, however, below people can find very interesting video which is showing the harmful effect of mobile radiation and how strong they can be?

Video maker is showing us to make pop corns with strong mobile phone radiations, just joking, he is actually telling about the power of mobile radiations and how harmful they can be? Therefore, next time while using mobile phone does think about this video.

Journey of Mobile Phones

Today, mobile phones have become an integral part of our life and it is very difficult for us to imagine a life without them. Mobile phones have offered a great connectivity option in front of us and therefore, we can now easily remain in the contact of our near and dear ones. However, mobile phones also have their own journey from the time of their launch. Initial mobile handsets were very heavy and odd looking ones whereas today we can easily find many sleek and attractive mobile models in the market. Moreover, mobile companies are updated their mobile sets with n number of features, therefore, people can do many jobs easily with the help of their mobile phones which feature was not available with people using mobile phones in 80’s. Still, in future we can hope for much new advancement in mobile technology like we have seen in last 20 years. Below, you can enjoy interesting video of journey of mobile handsets. With this video, people can realise how mobile handsets have changed with time.

Cell phones are harmful or not? (available studies)

Today, cell phones have become an essential part of our lives in India. It is very hard for any person to imagine a life without cell phone. However, in last few days we all heard number of news related to the harmful effects of cell phones. Even government of India also issued warning for using cell phones by children and pregnant ladies. Therefore, lot of people feel confused about these warning and they want to know the truth. Below, people can find one report on number of studies available on cell phone and their use. Therefore, people can get some idea that cell phones are harmful for them for not.

Avoid Buying Locked Phones

There are still large numbers of people in India who still prefer to buy electronic products from aboard. Few years back, this trend was very prominent in India when people like to buy most of their electronic items like watches, VCR, TVs etc from foreign markets. At that time, quality of Indian electronic products is not up to the mark of foreign electronic brands.

Today, situation is very different and we can easily find every big international brand in India also. Recently, one of my friends got a chance to buy a mobile phone manufactured in US at a very attractive price. However, he is not able to this phone so far because he bought a locked phone and not unlocked phone, which is usually sold in India. Locked phone are those phones which are locked for being used in specific area or for specific operator only.

Different mobile operator give their customers locked phones for avoiding misuse of their phones by the customers. Therefore, it is very important for any person to buy only unlocked phones when buying a mobile manufactured abroad. Second, people are also required to depend more on Indian market then trusting products of foreign markets.

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