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Reality of Virgin mobile India

Presently, Virgin mobile is busy in attracting more number of people towards its mobile operation in India. We can easily find front page advertisement on leading newspapers and commercials on various TV channels. Virgin mobile has also announced number of attractive schemes like free credit for receiving calls (first time in India).

They have also made tall claims on their connectivity, service and experience with their mobile service. However, the major problem is that where is real virgin network because Virgin India mobile service is no way different from Tata indicom mobile service of India because Virgin is using the same platform of Tata’s as used by Tata indicom.

Therefore, any problem associated with the Tata indicom network will also remain attached with Virgin mobile. Already, there are many complaints against Tata indicom network related to poor connectively, coverage, call drop, slow speed of internet, congestion etc, and then how Virgin mobile claims itself to be away from all these problems. Moreover, virgin mobile is not disclosing this fact to people and only attracting people towards it with the help of its strong brand image and popular schemes.

Though, their schemes could be popular ones and some of their schemes have already created curiosity among the general public but still it is duty of Virgin mobile to tell the truth to people that they are using Tata indcom network and they do not have their own network in India. After knowing the reality what people decide is up to people of India.

Virgin Mobile India Details and Offers

Presently, lot of big business players are targeting India because of the increasing market potential of India. Today, India has a big population of mobile phone users and moreover, this population is increasing every year. Therefore, Big Players are not missing any option to enter India through any route. One such example recently came in front of us in the form of entry of popular mobile brand virgin in India.

Even Richard Branson, head of the virgin group was present to launch the virgin mobile service in India in a big way. Though, this is not a direct entry of the Virgin mobile services because Virgin mobile service will be available in India through the same CDMA based network of TATA, on which it is providing Tata Indicom service. In simple terms, Virgin is only providing its brand name and expertise to Tata on the revenue sharing basing.

Tata will be earning money by sharing its network with Virgin while Virgin can enjoy quick launch without worrying about installing network. Therefore, this is a great win-win situation for both the players. India will see this kind of arrangement in mobile telephony for the first time and in future, we can even hope to see many such entries. Virgin mobile has entered India with special target on youth and their present service is manly crafted around the Indian youth’s needs.

Virgin mobile has tied up with different mobile store chains like The mobile Store, M Bazzar, UniverCell, BIG C, SANGEETHA etc for selling mobile handsets and plans. People can visit their nearest The mobile store or other applicable for buying handsets and virgin connection. Virgin also has number of attractive offers to attract youth toward it like

1) people will get paid 10 piasa per minute for receiving calls (first time in India).
2) All the local calls after 2 minute will cost only 50 paise (relief for long chatters).
3) Free roaming throughout India without any fee or charge.
4) Camera enabled and attractive mobile sets at reasonable price.

At present, this service is only available in big cities of 13 states (Punjab, AP, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, MP, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, UP & West Bengal) across India. Virgin is assuring people about no hidden charges, simple traffic plans, no call drop, dedicated customer care, attractive downloads, best network coverage, new technology and special features for youth. Therefore, Virgin really has lot in it to attract youth of India; there are many chances that soon virgin mobile will be hit among the Indian mobile users.

Youth and Internet Addiction

Today Internet is a big revolution present in front of us which has completely changed the lives of billions of people around us. However, our younger generation looks to be more near to internet, as large numbers of young people across the world are finding internet a great way to get freedom from their boring life. And they are also right because no earlier generations on the earth have such freedom of expression and ability to interact with large number of people irrespective of their nationalities.

Today people have great option like blogs, online forums and community sites to raise their voices and they can also interact with people directly with the help of emails, chats, voice talks or video conferencing. This is really a great freedom in the hand of people of present world which was never been available to any previous generation of the world so far. However, this freedom is also becoming another threat to large number of innocent people and especially teens and children because many of these people are becoming addicted to the net.

This addiction is creating number of mental and physical problems for them and numbers of these youth are finding it difficult to relate positively with the real life. We can easily find large number of youth who constantly remain occupied with the computers for chatting online, making new friends or search for real life relations online and some of them even spend 12-16 hours daily on net. The end result of these kinds of addictions soon result in to various kind of the mental disorders in the Youth and finally creates a difficulty in living real life for them.

Watch this Informative video of CNN-IBN on this issue-

Watch IBN 7 Live (Hindi News channel)

Review is gaming portal launched by Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Reliance Group for tapping the growing online gaming market in India. Today, lots Indians are aware of thanks to the massive ad campaigns done by Reliance on various channels and Medias. We all know that gaming industry is seeing growth around the world and India is also no way away from all this. Today the numbers of the online game lovers is on constant increase in India and this market can reach $200 million by next year.

Already, gaming industry has found strong foothold in world, some people may find this information difficult to digest that few young individuals are professional gamers and they are even earning more money than the well qualified doctors and engineers. Big gaming companies are paying handsome money to these young people for spreading the game trend in children. is also a try in the same direction. Online gaming is also becoming a reality with the presence of the broad band internet connections and computers in every home.

In future we all could hope to see only progress in this trend and entry of many new players. The advantage of online gaming is that people can easily play games with multiple players spread geographically. At present has good collection of games and lot of prizes are also associated with it for attracting visitors. also offers a free email account because email holds a major volume in overall net usage in India, though so far it has failed in attraction people.

This site has some of the problems like some pages open with difficulty and this site is not recommended for people which have slow speed internet connections. At present, many users believe that needs more improvement in uploading, site design and collection of games. also faces a big competition from hundred of free gaming websites available online which are better than in many ways.

Small Business and internet marketing

There are million of people around the world which are doing small business. Small business are can found in any part of the world and in any business. Small businesses are usually started by the small businessman who have small amount to invest in the business. Though they are large number of the people who are associated with the small business but the over all business done by this small business holds a significant value. Small businesses mostly have their own and limited marketing ways and mostly the small businessman depend on the middleman.

There are very less small businesses which use the latest marketing techniques like the internet. However in the real terms today internet hold a great potential even to local or small businesses. Therefore in the changing time it becomes important to get the advantage of the internet. Small Business Mavericks is service dedicated to the small businesses around the Mavericks. Small businesses around this area can significantly improve their revenue potential by opting for services from this site.

Getting more visitors for the websites

Today Internet is offering a good opportunity of earning good amount of money by starting good online based business. People can easily make different kind of websites as per the need of their business and start getting customers online. Due to this reason today large numbers of organisation and businessman have created websites for catering online customers. However just creating a website is not enough, as only by creating a website it is possible to get good visitors.

For solving this problem, people are getting the help of seo or search engine optimization, which is making it possible for the websites to attract large number of visitors. SEO techniques help in the search engine marketing of the websites. Today search engines are the biggest sender of the unique visitors to a website; therefore good search engine marketing is required to achieve this goal. SEO really provides a great opportunity of achieving all this.

Today, it is possible to help website get good number of visitors from the search engines with the help of search engine optimisation. Large number of SEO firms and seo software are available for the help of the people in the market or people can also find them online. By properly implementing these SEO techniques people can easily make their web based business more profitable.

Option of online tutoring

Educated children have never been an easy job for most of parents. Most of times parent struggle in providing good education to their children. For all these parents, good Tutoring solution provides a great help by relieving them of their responsibilities. Today, tutoring has become an important way of providing good quality education to the student. Major advantage of the tutoring is that children are able to get more personalized attention and therefore chances of children understanding studies become more prominent.

There are certain common subjects like Math, which most of student find very difficult to understand in the regular classrooms and therefore, require special attention in the form of tutoring. So far, tutoring has succeeded in making it easy for the students to understand difficult subjects like Math. There are number of good tutoring options, which are available in front of parents to choose from like individual tutors, school teachers or coaching centers. Parents can easily choose one for their children as per their need.

However, high cost and non-availability of good teachers plays a vital role in discouraging parents from going for private tuitions or tutoring। Now a good and economical solution exists for parents in the form of Online Tutoring. We can thanks to online initiative taken with the name of, which provides a unique and economical tutoring option to the parents. This tutoring works on the principle of outsourcing where tutoring jobs are done by educated people living in developing nation with help of high speed internet. Most of these people have good education background but they can work at much cheaper cost because of economical differences.

Some Tips for earning big money in Online business

In the present world, Internet has emerged as an important source for actively doing number of activities simultaneously. Today with the help of Internet any person can easily interact with any person living thousands of kilometres away from him. Moreover, Internet has opened number of business opportunities to the people and there are numbers of people across the world who are earning huge amount of money with the help of their web based businesses.

People can easily find number of web based business opportunity for them and start earning from the day one. Only people are required to create a good website with large visitor base. First task of creating a good and attractive website is very easy because there are number of services and software available in the market which can easily creates a good website for us. However major problem most of webmasters see in getting the visitors. For getting good visitors, webmasters require to optimize their websites in various platforms like search engines.

With the help of number of website optimization services like search engine optimization, link building, search engine placement and press release distribution etc webmaster can easily achieve the target of good visitors for their website. One such good service webmaster can find with, which is provides all major web optimisation services at an affordable price. Webmaster can easily really on their best services for getting maximum returns from their web based business.

Disparity in the Internet speed

Today, internet has become a major part of our life and it is very hard for us to imagine a life without internet. Internet has really opened up number of doors of opportunities for billions of the people across the world. In simple words, we can say that internet provides a single platform to all the people across the world in doing number of things simultaneously. Though, today internet has reached in most parts of the world but still internet speed is a major concern in many parts of the world. There are many parts in the world where getting broadband internet connections is like fulfilling dream.

The major reason behind this disparity in the speed of internet is lack of infrastructure and control of various governments on the internet. However, with the passage of time conditions are becoming favourable for the internet users across the world. In most of the developed nations like United Kingdom broadband is a big reality and there are number of broadband supplier available in market. BT consumer broadband is one of the popular broadband options available among the people.

People can easily get BT broadband connections for as low as £8.95/moth. There are also numbers of other scheme options available for people which people can choose as per their need. These broadband connection offer as high 8 MB download speed whereas in rest of the world it is hard to find even 8 KB download speed. There is still a big gap between the speed of internet in developed and developing nations and for many coming years, there is hardly any hope about decrease in this speed gap.

Need of a Good Hosting Plan

Today, Internet has established itself as a big market place in front of us. It is very well possible for any person to buy or sell number of items with the help of Internet. Moreover, the good news is that this trend is continually increasing and making internet business a good venture. Due to this, numbers of people from across the world are entering in this online business world for making good money. Every success or failure in this online world depends on the performance of the websites which are online face of any online venture.

For creating a websites, we require three main things a domain name, web templates (design) and web hosting. Mostly people do not find any difficulty in choosing first two things but main problem often comes with the hosting. The major reason behind this cause is less understanding about the various hosting plans and needs. At initial level any hosting plan can work but main problem comes when thousands of visitors start visiting the websites or some updating is required. Mostly these kind of hosting related errors lead to the failure of websites and also the online business opportunities related with it.

Therefore, it is very important for the success of any online business that hosting plan should be chosen with care and by keeping in mind the needs of future.


This is one website which all webmasters and general Indians will appreciate every much because this website now makes it possible to know about the latest key word trends in Google Search engine related to India. In simple words, we can say that now any person can see the key words which are topping on the Google. People have two option of knowing about the trends; first they can watch the top key words of any present date or previous days, second they can look for trends related to any particular key word. With the help of people can even know about the searchers nation, city and language etc.

Therefore, now for the first time people have some real data available in front of them about what India is searching online. This is also good news for the webmasters because now it will be possible for them to target particular key words and derive more visitors to their websites, however still there is no data available about the future trends and mostly 80% of the trends change on the daily basis. Despite some drawbacks, this is a good gift from Google to India people to know about the latest and previous online search trends.

As per the estimation, Google cater around 70% search queries from India, therefore people can easily interpret Google’s data as Indian trends. Google has used certain approximations for making these results; therefore there remains certain possibility of error. These search trends are updated on the daily basis for provided updated results. Overall, this is a new attractive feature made available by Google for Indian online users.

Google is known for providing number of excellent services on the internet without any cost. is also one more service from Google which is providing a great help to number of webmaster in knowing the actual stats of their websites. Though, there are number of other websites available on the net which provide the free stats for websites, however, there is hardly any website which provide stats for any website in such depth for free of cost.

It is very easy to open an account of with and webmasters can easily add as many websites for knowing stats as they like. This service is totally free and therefore, webmasters can easily get the quality stats of their website with Google/Analytics. With the help of Google/Analytics people can easily know about the most popular content on site, origin of visitors, time spend by the visitors, key words sending visitors and many more.

Google/Analytics is really a great service available for all webmasters for making their websites more competitive. Overall, this is a great help available in front of webmasters for free cost for knowing exact trends about their websites. Already, Google/Analytics has become popular among the webmasters and many more people are joining it for getting the maximum out of it.

Increasing dependence of Indians on Internet

In recent times, dependence of Indian people on the Internet has increased very fast and on the yearly basis, number of people using Internet for their basic needs in increasing very fast in India. Mostly, this increase is coming from the younger generation of India which is finding Internet as a very convenient option for doing number of jobs. We can easily find number of services like Internet banking, online ticket booking, online shopping, and finding life partners online etc becoming very popular with the general public of India.

If Internet popularity goes on increasing in similar manner then time is not far when Indians will become the highest users of Internet in world. As per the recent survey published in Economics Times on Internet use, around 40% of Indians searching for jobs found their recent jobs with the help of online job portals. All these finding only tells that how important and useful Internet is becoming for us. Moreover, we can also expect more increase in the reach and usefulness of Internet in near future, where we are performing our most of the jobs online.

In recent times, spread of Internet is so that many middle age and old people are also forced to learn Internet to remain competitive or in touch with younger generation. Today, knowledge of basic Internet usage is very important for every Indian and it can easily provide help in simplifying their lives to some extent. With the increase in the popularity of Internet among the masses, chances of Internet related frauds have also increased.

In last few years, many Indians have become the victim of these online frauds because of less familiarity with the Internet and possible threats. Overall, it is very important for every Indian to learn Internet and simultaneously, also remain alert from all kind of the threats.

Increasing New opportunities on Internet

Today, we all live in a world where our dependence on the internet is increasing on the daily basis. We can easily find many features available on internet for sharing our thoughts and making new friends. Already, social networking sites like have become an integral part of people’s life and it is very difficult for many people to believe a life without these helpful tools. We also observed the success of online diaries popularly known as weblogs or blogs.

Today, millions of people across the globe are using blogs for personal, commercial and general motives. Many of these blogs have already achieved big success and some of the popular blogs have readership even more than small newspapers. These are just few examples of success stories of internet and how internet has become an integral part of our lives. Today, one new trend is attracting large number of internet users and it is wiki websites. We can easily find many popular wikis websites on the internet.

The major difference between wiki and blog is that wiki can be easily edited or contributed by large number of people whereas blogs are mostly restricted to few people only. Wikis provide a great option for starting an online community, friends place on internet, finding people of same interest etc. Like blogs, people can also start a wiki site for free with the help of websites like

At this website, people can easily construct a wiki in just three simple steps. Therefore, we can say that internet is really providing many unique options in the hands of people for making internet more vibrant and full of life. At the end, we can say that it is very hard for us to consider a life without internet.

Home security and Modern Technology

We all are living in world which is full of new of innovative technologies and therefore we can get the help of this technology to make our lives more safe and secure. Home Security is becoming a major concern for many Indians across the country. The reason behind it could be the increasing trend of theft and looting in many parts. Most of the times thieves have the eye on alone houses or houses where elderly live. All this is clear from the recent thefts in Ludhiana where thieves tried to break these houses and even killed few individuals. Over all these kind of incidences are common across the India and many families are becoming victim of these thefts. Today people have the option to use the some of the latest innovations in the technology which are used worldwide to save homes. These electronic gadgets provide people with extra edge to avoid these kinds of incidences and make their homes safer. One of such instrument is B/W StealthCam Hidden Camera in a Cube Clock (as shown in picture). This thing provides people with a option to put a eye on the activities in their home. The other advantage with this instrument is that people do not need extra storage device, as this device comes with the 1 and 2 GB memory cards. People can play these cards on their computer to watch the activities. Like this we could many things in our homes which provide more secure living to our family in this increasing crime world.

Increasing acceptance of LCD and Plasma TVs

LCD and Plasma televisions are new revolutions in the world of television viewing. LCD and plasma televisions are already available in our world for quite few times, however up to few years back very less people have accesses to this futuristic technology because of high price. With almost more than half reduction in the price, many people are looking for LCD and plasma TVs across the world. Most of the leading consumer electronics companies have launched their models in the market like samsung 56 inch LCD TVs. LCD televisions are presently more popular because of less price and huge variety. People can easily choose from the different size options available for the LCD TVs. For more research and information on the LCD and plasma televisions, people can easily get the help of websites like This website provides good information on the LCD television and from where people can buy a good LCD TV for them.

Why it is necessary to get bill from service centre after service?

Today, India is slowly becoming a global market with most of the electronic products available here. Indians are also accepting modern technology faster and becoming familiar with most latest electronic products. Most of the electronic companies which now operate in India also provide service centres for solving the problems of people.

It is very hard for any person to buy a electronic product which never gives him a problem, therefore, we are required to visit these service centres for the repair of our electronic products like mobile sets, laptops, data cards etc. Though, these service centres provide service to our products, however, sometimes chances remain that problem may persist after repair again or repair creates other problems.

Mostly, these service centres are given by companies to local people on the franchise basis and sometime, they try to manipulate with the original parts, provide inferior service, charge more amount of money from you etc. Any person can face this kind of problem when dealing with these service centres; therefore, it is very-2 important for every person to collect the bill of money paid for particular service because otherwise your service centre can put blame on you for their faults.

If you have the bill of payment made for any service then you can easily force them for providing the free service for problem created by them. Moreover, your right of going to the consumer court also remain open if you collect the bill of services taken by you of any service centre. Mostly, these service centre avoid giving any bills for the amount taken against any service and this act create problems for people in future, if their electronic product start showing same problem again.

Moreover, bills taken for the services can even also make the parent company responsible by failing in providing right customer service to people. In nutshell, it is very important to get bill of any money paid to such service centres because it can save lot of problems later.

Review Duplex scanner-Scanshell 3000DN

Digital technology revolution has clearly made our lives more simple and fast. Today, we have number of electronic gadget available with us like scanners, which are making our lives simpler. In the present world, it is very much possible for us to scan multiple files and documents with the help of scanners and then stores this useful input data for its use in near future. For multi-purpose and multi-document scanning needs people can easily get the help of duplex scanners. Duplex scanner is full of number of advance features which makes it possible for us to easily scan all the major kind of files and documents. One such advanced and portable duplex scanner available with us is Scanshell 3000DN. Available for a price of $319, this duplex scanner offer a good option to us in the comparison to other duplex scanners. Some of the major features of this duplex scanner include like

1) Scanshell 3000DN scans both sides of the documents simultaneously thus saving approximately half time on the scanning.
2) This scanner easily scans all size of documents from small ones to big ones.
3) This scanner also provides an option of scanning pdf files.
4) No external power input is required for the working of this machine.
5) It also provide high speed USB 2.0 standard interface.
6) It is extremely light weight, weighing around 475 g.
7) This machine also provides a fast scanning speed, as it scans 6 B&W pages in one minute and 3 colour pages in 3 minute.

All these features really make Scanshell 3000DN, a very useful scanning machine for variety scanning needs. This machine is compatible with the latest operating software like window vista. Overall, we can say that Scanshell 3000DN duplex scanner is one of the best scanner options available for the people in the above price band.

Review- BSNL Broad Band

Presently, State owned Telecommunication Company BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) is providing cheaper broad band service to millions of internet users in India. From last two months, I also got the chance to use this service and after using this service I am very much satisfied with their service performance. I am using internet from last three and half years and I have the experience of using internet services of various players like Reliance, Sify, Tata Indicom and airtel etc.

I also used different modes for surfing internet like data card; plug to surf modem, base phones, gprs enabled mobile sets etc. At the end, I really want to give full credit to BSNL for providing high speed internet at comparatively low cost. With the combination of wifi modem, I also get the freedom of using my laptop at my own convenience. Presently, I am using Rs 500 for 1.5 GB download connection which also includes the bill of telephone in it. When I compare this connection with other options used by me earlier than really, it is best option available with people for using a fast internet connection at reasonable price.

Moreover, BSNL also provide broad band modems both wifi and simple at subsidised rates which are otherwise much expensive in the market. Not only this, BSNL also provide free replacement or service of your modem if any problem comes in it at any time in future which is not available with any private player despite tall claims and every private player only provides a maximum of one year replacement or service warranty on their products.

Already, this connection is a big hit and many people are using it in their homes and offices. Though, BSNL broad band also give some problems in peak hours but it is many times better than the other options available with us today. Therefore, people looking for reliable and cheaper broad band connection can think about the BSNL.

Why we should not go for Reliance ZTE Data Cards?

Last three week were very frustrating for me, as I struggled to get my Data card repaired from ZTE service centre, Model Town, Ludhiana. From last two months, I was getting very less speed on my Reliance ZTE (PCMCIA Type 11) card and finally, in the beginning of this month my data card becomes almost dead. I approached the only ZTE service centre available in Ludhiana to get my data card serviced. They repaired my data card by changing antenna and inside pin for the cost of Rs 800.

I again started using it; however, problem persisted in form of fluctuation of singles. When I again approached them then they told me that this problem may be coming due to my laptop and advised me get my laptop checked at the concerned service centre. I also did the same thing, however, problem was found with the Data card. So, I again approached ZTE service centre with my problem, they again took the Data and asked me to enquire about it after four-five day.

After one week, when I finally visited the Data card centre then they showed their inability in solving my problem and said to me that my Data card is permanently damaged and I need to buy a new one because my data card is out warranty. They asked me to pay Rs 3500, however, after I asked for my Rs 800 wasted on repair then they asked me to pay Rs 3500 (actual cost of data card) -800 (taken for service of data card) = Rs 2700. After seeing this worst performance of data card (caused problem for three times in less than two year including one replacement for Rs 500 under warranty) and concerned service centre, I refused their offer.

My conclusion say that Data card gives a problem average every 8-12 months and if your data card is more than one year old (out of warranty) then you need to buy one more card. In nutshell, a person is buying a new data card every second year. It is very important for all of us to remember while buying a data card or mobile phone from private players like Reliance and others; they do not provide free replacement of phones, moderns or data cards as provided by state owned companies like BSNL, VSNL etc and people are required to pay complete price equivalent to new product if it is out of warranty, mostly more than one year old.

Second, ZTX provides a worst service network where it is very hard to find a good service for your data card. Third, speed available through data card is much slow and very expensive as compared to other broad band services. Only advantage available with data card is internet access on move across India, however, we can easily get wider and cheaper internet access on move by opting of GPRS enabled internet connection from mobile players like Airtel for as low as RS 250 (unlimited download).

Note-This article is based my personal experience, therefore, it is not necessary that it will represent the overall problem or experience of people.

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