Friday, September 28, 2007

Why should we go far a laptop?

My advice for most of the people thinking about buying a computer soon is to go for a laptop because today there are number of reasons available in front of us which support this conclusion. Below are few of the reason which can definitely help you in taking a right decision.
1) Present laptops are as powerful as the available desktops.
2) Price difference has drastically decreased in the recent times, making laptops affordable.
3) Laptops offer a very sleek solution in front of us and it is also very easy to carry them to any part of the world.
4) Desktops cover lot of space and require a computer table for them.
5) Sometimes it is hard to find the fault in the bundles of open joints in the desktops.
6) It is very easy for us to comfortably change the position and location of laptops over the desktops.
7) Laptops can also work for hours even in the absence of electricity.
8) Laptops provide a sense of freedom and mobility over the desktops.
9) Laptops consume less electricity over the desktop computers.

All these factors can help us understanding the advantage of desktops over laptops.

Poor internet speed of Reliance data card

Reliance promotes its data card as a high speed internet access device from any part of India. However, realities are somewhat different from their claims. There are number of times in a day, it is very hard to find good speed from the data card and situation can become even more worst when you are living in a small city. However, this data card is a good option for the people who want anywhere medium and emergency solution. For people looking for fast speed internet connection definitely reliance data card is not a suitable option for them. The other problem with the data card is that it does not work at number of small places while roaming despite having reliance signal and there when you are in a deep interior of India then it will definitely not work because there will no signal of reliance network.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Review-Palm Tero 750 Smartphone

India is fast becoming a hot destination for all the latest products in the world and Palm Tero 750 is also new addition in it. This super advanced phone has number of latest and advanced features in it which really suits the increasing Indian executive class. This phone from Palm Inc. is costing around $ 649 in US and Rs 26990 in India. Presently, this phone will be available on the Airtel network in India. The main advantage of this phone is option to access and edit important office data with the help of window mobile like People can easily create or edit Word and Excel Mobile files. Moreover people also have the option of rehearsing PowerPoint presentations and getting PDF files. People can easily send and receive e-mails on the move with the help of this phone. With the help of build in internet explorer, it is easy for the people to browse various websites. This mobile phone also include inbuilt Bluetooth device, infrared, 1.3 mega pixel camera and advance multimedia features. Today for large number of Indians buying this phone will not be a big deal; however the main question will remain the same that how many people India really need such high end devices. The disadvantage of these sets is that people soon find these phones very less effective in daily use. This mobile could be a good option for the people who remain on the constant travel and need to access e-mails and data on the regular interval. Therefore, there are less hopes of selling this mobile phone as a utility item but this phone can emerge as first choice as a sign of status symbol.

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Poor after sales service from HCL

Two years back, I bought my first HCL laptop and hope that I will get the best service from the company. However, within two years, I realised that buying a HCL laptop was not a good decision because first machine go out of service for three times in last two years and second HCL service centre take weeks in attending my complaints. Last month, I saw my worst experience with the HCL, as they denied my three warranties and told me that I have only one year warranty. Thankfully this matter got solved when showed them the three warranty card provided by company to me. However, this whole incident took one month time before my laptop is repaired. Now any person who uses a laptop can easily understand that how frustrating it is work with it. Therefore, I request people to not only go for the less price of the HCL but also consider the quality and service of the machine.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Best configuration for your laptop or computer

For latest configurations visit- Best configuration for your laptop or computer 2

Many people find it very difficult to decide which configuration best suits their computer as per the latest needs. The major reason behind this is emergence of newer and newer up gradation and innovations in computer technology. It is always advisable to go for the latest and advanced configurations so that your computer or laptop does not become obsolete with time.

My advice for present configurations is

1)Processor- Intel core 2 Dual (1.6 to 2 GHz)
2)RAM- 512MB to 1 GB
3)Hard Disc- 80 GB to 120 GB
4)Combo Dual Format DVD RW Drive
5)Widow- Vista basic or premium
6)Must also have inbuilt camera and Bluetooth.

Increasing use of computers and laptops in India

Computers and laptops have really become an important part of lives of people in India. Number of people who are opting for computers and laptops is increasing very fast. The major reason behind this is fall in the prices of the computers and laptops in India and second increasing demand for computer related works. Laptops which were once only believed to be made for the use of higher executives and rich person, now can be easily seen in the hands of large number of Indians. Computer can be purchased for just Rs 15000 and laptops for Rs 25000. All this may look dream but it is a big reality. Internet prices has also fallen very sharply making Internet in the reach of larger population of India. Internet connections can be easily bought for Rs 200 to Rs 1000 per month basis. This is really a sign of great progress in computer usage in India and this change will definitely help Indians in becoming more productive and advance.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Alert on Nokia BL-5C battery

Nokia has always remained a top selling brand in India from the time of entry of mobile phones in India. The major reason behind this huge success of Nokia is high durability and simplicity of Nokia handsets as compared to other brands. Entry levels models of Nokia like 2100, 1100, 1100i, 3310 etc become so popular with the India public that people just ignored the other brands. In higher segment also Nokia beaten the other brands, its brand Nokia 6600 was the first mobile which created curiosity in the mind of the people for higher end and multimedia sets.

This brand also sold in the market like hot cakes and one time emerged has status symbol for many India. Even today, Nokia is doing well with number of models and Its N-series mobiles. However, recently Nokia has found itself in big controversy when Nokia mobiles start exploding around India.At present, there are available news of 11 confirmed explosions in Nokia handsets and injury to 4 people. Most of the explosions occurred in the batteries of the BL-5C series but there are also news of explosions in BL-4C and other series.

This whole situation has created fear in the minds of the Nokia users which are present in India in very big number.Nokia also offered to replace these faulty batteries for free of cost.

People can know about the status of their battery by sending the 26 digit battery number to 5555.For sending SMS, people should first type BT followed by space and 26 digit numbers. These 26 digit numbers is available on the back side of battery and include numbers and alphabet.
The other available option with people is to visit- for knowing the status of their battery.
However the major problem with this whole method is that many illiterate people are not able to use it which makes the chunk of people who use BL-5C battery.This whole thing has really broken some trust for Nokia in the mind of people and this thing can help other brands in emerging strongly in the market.

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Great Potential in Indian Electronic Market

Indian Electronic market is really emerging as a very big potential market for the biggest electronic giants of the world. India offers a big market of middle class people which are looking for more electronic solutions with the rise of earning power. Today’s Indian new generations are not behind the developed world people in using the latest electronic gadgets. It may be any kind of electronic gadget whether a latest mobile phone, multi door refrigerator, LCD TV sets, home security instruments etc, today’s India offers a huge potential in all these segments. And this may be reason behind large number of big electronic giants are shifting manufacturing plants to India. All this is also good for Indians, as they now have access to the latest electronic innovation of the world. Earlier, it takes number of years before these electronic gadgets to reach India.

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