Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Review-Sony Ericsson W300i

Sony Ericsson is now ready to give fight to Nokia in long run. The model W300i is a tough fight for Nokia models. So far Nokia is a big success in Indian market but with the introduction of good models like W300i, Sony Ericsson poses a threat to the supremacy of Nokia in long run. This model W300i is the extension of walkman series of Sony Ericsson which is already a hit. All things were fine for Nokia when there were only black white models, but with the entry of high end models competition is becoming tougher.

Sony Ericsson model W300i holds lot of promises. The important things are its beautiful flap design, lower weight and high battery backup. The other unique feature of this model is superior sound quality. This model really provides a feeling of sound system. This model comes with external 256 MB data card which could be increased as per requirement. The speaker of the phone is fine enough to entertain people seating in a single room without attaching any external speaker.

All the major features like blue tooth, infrared, FM radio, camera, GPRS and edge are available in this set. This set comes with hand free kit, CD, usb kit and charger. While using this set I have not discovered the problem of hanging of device which is seen with other companies’ handset. This set is a good entertainer of a person and is made to taken care of all the needs of a person. In India it is costing around Rs 9500 ($ 210) which is comparably less price with all these features.

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Review- Sony’s VAIO L Panal PC (VGC-LA38G)

Today when most of the people around the world are shifting from the desktop PC to laptop or portable PCs, Sony’s this new introduction can bring new life to the desktop market again. This is first of its kind of desktop which can be easily carried from one room to other room or from one place to easily other place.

This desktop computer by Sony is just slightly bigger than the laptop computer. This desktop computer weighs only 4.5 kg. This is a good new innovative product from the Sony which could change the thinking of people about the desktop computer. This computer provides an advantage of laptop computer and power of desktop.

The other advantage with this model is that it can be easily adjusted on the small table as it comes with a built in folding stand. People also have the option of selecting the wall paper which matches with the wall color. This computer comes with inbuilt keypads like the laptops. The other advantage with this desktop computer is that it comes with built in 3 watt speakers and therefore provides a unique music listening experience.

This computer is powered with 1.83 GHz Intel core2Duo processors, window vista home premium edition, 1GB RAM, built in camera, battery and 120 GB hard disk. Only problem with this computer is that its battery works only for two hours. Overall this is a good choice for many people who are confused between the desktop computer and Laptop. At present this is priced Indian Rs 89990, which could be a high price for many of the Indians. Still this computer has lot of potential in higher segment audience.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Phone/Data cards in India

Phone/Data cards are devices which help people in accessing Internet without attaching any wire or data cords and only by inserting phone cards in the card slots available on their laptops. Here only requirement is presence of network of the card company at that place. Two years back, when phone cards were launched in India then it was a new concept for Indians. Even up to today, many Indians are not aware of their functions and usage. Reliance was one of the first companies to launch phone cards in India and shortly followed by Tata and Hutch.

Reliance and Tata phone/data cards work on CDMA based technique while Hutch uses the edge based GSM technology. Initial cost of all the phone cards was in the range of 6000 to 8000 rupess. Reliance and Tata have recently reduced the cost of its Phone card to 4200 rupees. Phone cards were initially promoted as the key accessories for the executive and higher class Indians but now many normal Indians are also buying them due lot of convenience offered by them. Over all market for phone cards is very high as number of laptops is increasing very fast in India; so far phone cards are able to penetrate only a fraction of market.

Companies need to market and focus on more number of customers to increase the demand of phone cards. Currently phone cards claim to provide speed of 230 kbps. However the real speed for leading player like Reliance ranges between 10 kbps to 150 kbps. The Speed depends upon the strength of network at the particular place. With Phone cards one can access Internet through laptops at any place of India even in hills and forests provided the network reaches there. Reliance claim to cover more than 500 cities of India with their phone card. People who travel frequently or use their laptops at multiple places for them phone cards are ideal choice.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Nokia 1100- mobile phone of India

Nokia hand sets have always remained in big demand in India. The main feature which most of the people like about the Nokia phones is their reliability. Nokia mobile model no 1100 is also one big hit among the Indians. Few years back when this phone was launched in the Indian market then it was portrayed as the phone of India. Most of the Indians live a rough and tough life and their mobile phone is also required to tough.

Nokia 1100 provided all those features to the people of the India. Though this mobile phone comes with yellow screen or simply without color screen but still this set is quite popular among the Indians for its simplicity and very economical price. At present this set is costing around Rs 1850 in the market which is not a very big price. Most of the Indians can easily afford this mobile phone. Most of the functions of this phone are similar like the earlier Nokia functions and therefore people are not required to learn any thing new.

Nokia 1100 provides a more than two days of stand by battery and charges in less than an hour. Sleek design makes it easy to carry this mobile in the pockets. Like the Nokia trade mark, this phone is also not effected by the slighter shocks. People can easily send SMS, picture messages with this handset. Other functions include Alarm, reminder and games. This handset also comes with flashlight on the top of the set which works as a torch in the emergencies. Only problem which is coming with the some version of the handsets is hanging of the set when two calls come simultaneously. Overall in this price band, this set offers a good pick.

VoIP in India

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has emerged has a major resource for doing long distance calls at the cheapest rate. Now from India people can make calls to America, UK and Dubai for few Indian rupees raging from Rs 3 to 5. These rates are 60% to 80% lower than the rates of call charges available with various telephone operators. Initially, VoIP was not successful in India because of the poor internet services. However, with the entry of high speed broad band and DSL network it is possible to make VoIP calls easily from India.

Recently the economical broad band service from BSNL (a state telephone service provider) has even made it possible to do VoIP call from home; otherwise many cyber café’s (Sify cafes) are providing this opportunity. Nobody has thought that internet could also do phone calls for us and that too at this cheap rate. Now we can make VoIP telephone calls either to other VoIP devices, or to normal telephones on the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), this is other advantage and this option is free from the dependency of computer. For countries like India VoIP has emerged as a big advantage to be in contact with near ones.

Internet Television- A reality

When internet initially came, then no one must have imagined that internet will become answer for so many things for which we depend on other providers. Television channels are one of them, now one can think of watching his or her favorite TV channels on computer through a high speed internet connection. Today, there are available lots of TV channel on net, moreover free of cost.

All this has become reality, thanks to broadband. With the broadband internet connection available in most of the countries, people can think of many things which are unthinkable earlier. Now, everyone can enjoy live chat with superior voice and video quality. With the revolutions in the bandwidth, it is possible to watch favorite TV channels on computer. Although, still more work is required to done on this before enjoying internet television.

More increase in the bandwidth is requirement of time. Governments should release their controls over high bandwidth and make them available for common man. To get the list of free internet channels on net one can log on to Here, one will get all the listed channels from world over. The main advantage is that one can now watch the channels of other country, which was a distinct dream earlier.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Advantage of the .75 ton AC (Air conditioner)

Many parts of the Northern India have already started seeing very hot days. With this step increasing temperature one thing is clear that this year summer will be bit hotter. In this kind of the summer every person thinks for a workable solution like AC. However AC’s are mostly out of reach of many Indian because first they are expensive and second they consume too much power. Due to this reason must of the middle class families in India remain away from the luxuries of the AC.

However in the recent years AC (Air conditioner) market in India has seen a great change. AC prices have greater decline in the recent past and some new kind of the solutions are also available for the people. One of such good AC option for the middle class small family people .75 ton AC from various companies. Leading provider in this range are LG and Voltas costing Rs 11500 and Rs 12000 respectively. LG is even offering four year warranty on the compressor. This AC is suitable for the 8 by 8 feet use.

However this version work fines up to 12 by 12 feet options. The good advantage with this small AC is that it consumes much less energy as compared the conventional ACs. This work with the already available wiring of the house and there is no need for any new wiring installation. Size of this AC is very sleek and can easily fit in any of the small window of your house. In near future, we can hope that this AC will become the AC of the middle class of the India.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Next online Revolution-Youtube

Youtube is already a big hit among its users. More and more people around the world are now interested in making videos, thanks to the Youtube. Youtube has really revolutionized the way of sharing videos online. Today most of the people have mobile phones or digicams which can easily shot the videos. Youtube has made every person a director and provided him with a freedom to load many new and exciting things online.

In the recent times, youtube got both people’s appreciation and people’s anger. Time and time again, there come many news in which few people uploads videos on the Youtube which hurt the feeling of some country, religion or group. However in positive sense, Youtube has more benefits then the disadvantage. Popularity of the Youtube is already on top and in near future we can only hope more raise in the popularity this unique innovation.The major advantage with the Youtube is that it is very simple to use and even kinds can upload video on the youtube.

It takes less than one minute in loading a video of I minute length. Most of the people at youtube loads only short length video, therefore no one face any problem of loading delays. Youtube in general has increased the reach of the camera of the ordinary people to every part of the world.Today anything from any part of the world, captured on the camera or mobile phone can easily be loaded on youtube to the people of the whole word. There are many people and nation which feel youtube as threat and wants to ban it but with the rising popularity and wide usability of the Youtube, it is very difficult to stop this revolution.

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